Best Three Months Of Life (B3MOL): Conscious Dying Coaching And Care™

a 12 week Distance Learning course

Date: coming 2017

Program Overview

“Best Three Months of Life” is an interactive, faculty guided online learning course—a living laboratory using a transformational coaching model where participants meaningfully engage with other students, patients, and families to identify and actualize their end of life beliefs and choices within a three month to live timeframe.

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Best Three Months of Life (B3MOL): Conscious Dying Coaching and Care™

An Interactive Faculty Guided Distance Learning Course

Best Three Months of Life (B3MOL): Conscious Dying Coaching and Care™ is a distance learning end of life education, community engagement and life fulfillment course for caregivers in all walks of life. Through interactive, faculty mentored study, participants learn to create restorative environments, caring healing moments, and loving experiences guided by the end of life beliefs and choices of patients and families facing critical illness and death. 

This course increases caregiver capacity to discover and offer the care that people want and need in their most vulnerable time of life.  Participants expand the care for those facing death to a three month time frame, which heightens their capacity to attend and support during the last weeks and days of life. This transformative care goes beyond advanced directives toward living the experience of patient and family wishes, culminating in the “Best Three Months of Life”. 

The course is appropriate for front line home and healthcare system caregivers and staff, family, faith based or community organization members, nurses and life coach students, and anyone who desires to serve and support patients and families during the final months of life. 


Tarron Estes is the founder of the Conscious Dying Institute. As a Healing Artist, Poet, Transformational Learning Educator, Professional Coach, and Vision and Strategy Consultant, Tarron works with initiatives in Human Caring and End of Life Culture Change for Health Care and Senior Communities. She designs and delivers transformational education in Conscious Dying Care for systems and people who want to serve at end of life.  Using an experiential education model that unites personal development at the deepest healing levels, she delivers life transformation for individuals, families, and clinical professionals, as well as culture change for organizations.

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