Become a Caritas Conscious Dying Coach & Educator

Master's Path: Caritas Conscious dying Coach & Educator Certificate  

Education for the Evolution Of Human Consciousness

Join  Dr. Jean Watson, Ph.D Founder and President, Watson Caring Science Institute and    Tarron Estes, Founder and Director, The Conscious Dying Institute in a 6 Month End-of-Life-fulfillment and transformational journey that increases care and healing for Self and Others

Receive Two Professional Tracks in this 6 Month Certificate!

Level 1: Caritas Conscious Dying Coach

2.5-day Onsite Begins October 26-28, 2018 Hilton Garden Inn Denver CO  

Virtual Practicum October 31- February 4, 2019

Level 2: Conscious Dying Educator

Virtual Public Educator Project Design and Development  February 18-April 10, 2019

Final 3-day Onsite April 12-14th, 2019  Location TBA

The course is open to all clinical professionals, family caregivers, graduates of CCEP, WCSI Affiliate Systems, Health Care Organizations and the public at large.  It is appropriate for anyone wishing to increase love, care, healing and life fulfillment before, during, nearing and after death.

Benefits of Caring Science and Conscious Dying Education

Master's Path Students will

  • Create Sacred Passages for Families, Patients & Communities
  • Create a New Praxis of Caritas Conscious Dying Coaches and Educators
  • Bring End of Life Education to the Public using Caring-Science-as-Sacred-Science Values and Ethics and Conscious Dying Healing Care Principles and Practices
  • Restore Death to its Scared Place in the Beauty, Mystery & Celebration of Lie
  • Contribute to the Awakening of Human Consciousness

      Patient Family Benefits

      • Feel they are not alone and all life experiences are being acknowledge
      • Feel their families have more care and love
      • Feel they receive More time, and better experience of Communication Care
      • Identify priorities and care needs beyond advance directives giving them a sense of control and choice in how they live as they are dying

      Benefits to Health Care Staff

      • Increase  Meaning, Purpose, Job Satisfaction via focus on self care, healing & awareness
      • Share knowledge/Build Caring Culture/ Caring Healing Relationships
      • Gain Confidence in talking about Death and being present with dying

      Outcomes for Participants

      • It refreshes innate healing gifts and talents
      • Returns the art of caregiving to a Spiritual Practice
      • Renews the true purpose and calling of clinical and non-clinical caregivers
      • Restores death to its Sacred Place in the Beauty Mystery and Celebration of life
      • Creates a wisdom based culture of care and healing before during and after death
      • Contributes to the evolution of Human Consciousness
      • Increases self-caring and nourishment
      • Connects to a new Educational Praxis of Sacred Unitary Field Philosophy and Conscious Dying Education Care and Healing Practices
      • Immersion in this programs deepens understanding and embodiment of Unitary Field of Caring Science Theroy, the transformational portal and emergent Subtle Energies, 4 Caring Science Outcomes, The 4 C’s of Conscious Dying, & Caritas Processes and Conscious Dying Principles and Practices.

      • It establishes the students’ experience of self as healing instrument in order to move from curative to healing care and be with the vulnerable turbulent waters and healing potential during life transitions.  It prepares students to increase conversations about end of life desires wishes for self and others.

      Applying is easy.  Click here to open our on-line application, fill in the blanks and you're done.  We'll be in touch with you shortly thereafter.

       Click image for Music with Practice for Death Mediation

      Click image for Music with Practice for Death Mediation

      Refund/Cancellation Policy:  All prices are in USD. A minimum non-refundable deposit of $995.00 is required to register for all ticket types.  If for any reason you need to cancel your attendance for this event, we will happily reschedule for another program within 12 calendar months.

      Testimonial Teresa A. Head, RN, BSN, CHPN  Palliative Care RN Coordinator, Caritas Coach  Kaiser Richmond Medical Center

      “Being in Tarron’s programs help me see how to focus on the inner needs of staff, their challenges and dreams for better care at end of life. As a palliative care provider, Tarron’s programs give me hope that as our palliative care programs expand, we can someday offer trainings to medical providers to provide best practice to deliver care to the dying. An educational package that includes training about personal death awareness issues will not only improve care to our members, it will bring deeper meaning, peace, and resiliency to our dedicated health care professionals.”

      CSCD jean tarron Post Card.jpg

      Imagine being a part of the evolution of human consciousness by offering conscious care at end of life.  Imagine being a part of a new praxis of end of life education that includes the inner awakening of caring professionals, patients, and families.

      Imagine being a part of the courageous movement, a new end of life "Careforce" that redefines the Hippocratic Oath of "Do No Harm" to "Create Care and Healing for All".

      This program synthesizes two of the country's leading health care innovations, Caring Science Theory and Conscious Dying Education. It transforms patient and family care by increasing the caring consciousness of caregivers.

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      This new Caring Science Conscious Dying "Master’s Path Certificate" draws from philosophy, ethics, values, and teachings of Caring Science as Sacred Science and Conscious Dying Healing Care Principles and Practices. The program renews the purpose and art of care-giving as a Spiritual Practice, increasing connection to our heart’s call to serve humanity before, during, and nearing end of life.

      By going through this program participants may for the first time encounter deeper aspects of themselves that expand their self-awareness and help them identify their own hopes, beliefs and desires regarding end of life preparing them to walk this path with others.

      It may function to remind them of their inter-connectedness to all life, their true nature and therefore the implications of their presence and practice with those they serve. They may feel their personal losses, grief, and the need to forgive and be forgiven for the first time and see the possibility for their own transformation and healing.

      By entering the Master’s Path, students engage in new praxis of holistic end of life education and restore death to it’s sacred place in the beauty, mystery, and celebration of life. Master's Path graduates create a new "careforce" of Caritas Conscious Dying Coaches and Public Educators whose caring healing presence and inner transformation awaken human consciousness as they support patients and families to experience the care and healing they want and need most during the ending of life.

      The Master's Path is a Two Level Training that takes place over six months. Focusing on using the Best Three Months: End of Life Coaching and Care Planning process, an end of life education, engagement, and life-fulfillment process utilizing 5 domains of life inquiry into what your would value and prioritize if you only have 3 months to live. The is program for anyone wishing to educate the public and serve families and patients during this powerful healing portal surrounding death.

      Vision Map Best of Life Care 2016-page-001.jpg
      Level 1: Caritas Conscious Dying Coach

        The Level 1 begins with a 3-day onsite, October 26-28th, 2018. It strengthens our authentic presence and loving kindness, our innate healing gifts and talents, renews our true calling spiritual path, and increases our capacity to be emotionally and spiritually supportive during this vulnerable and sometimes turbulent period of life. It gives us the confidence we need to befriend death, to inquire about and understand what people want most during critical illness and death.

        Over the next 3 months, Between October 30th, February 4th, following the 3-day onsite students take part in virtual practicum called “Best Three Months: Conscious Dying Coaching and Care”. They work with student partners and community individuals, they learn to identify, understand and implement end of life priorities in 5 domains of life—to learn about and offer what matters most to themselves, patients, and families as if they have only 3 months to live. They engage with readings, resources, and reflective activities from the field of Caring Science as Sacred Science and Conscious Dying Healing Care.

        Level 2:  Virtual Practicum: Conscious Dying Educator Public Project Design and Implementation              

        • February 11-15 Online Gathering and Overview         
        • February 18 - April 1, 2019 virtual project support, development and implementation
        • Level  2 Onsite: April 12-14, 2019 Location TBA Conscious Dying Educator Completion with Dr. Jean Watson and Tarron Estes

        After level 1, between February 11th, 2019 -April 10th, 2019 students engage in a Virtual Public Educator Project. This segment further develops the students’ confidence and skill to use Caring Science Conscious Dying Sacred values and principles. Students learn to facilitate the “Best Three Months 5 Domains of Life Care Planning" -- a life-fulfillment process that builds confidence to talk about death. and  it increases the number of people who identify and receive the healing care they want and need well in advance of death.

        Students develop skills to educate the public in the organizations, systems, organizations, and communities they live and work within, using a “Communitas Ethos”, sacred end of life philosophy, raise death awareness as Caritas Conscious Dying Educators.

        The program focuses caring practices on the powerful and subtle energetic portals of healing available to all attending nearing death. This focus on availability of life energy-the unitary field of consciousness, and intimate human to human connection via the immediate environment. It increases our inherent healing abilities and enables all care providers to become stronger in their personal presence as agents of healing and stewards in the art of surrender and letting go. It allows all involved to reconnect with Death as a transformative sacred passage and powerful portal in the circle of life.  It may increase healing care practices, shift and support the use of curative medical technical practices, and increase love care and healing for all.

        Through multiple ways of knowing: dialogue, reflective, aesthetic, experiential, and imaginal activities, participants explore their own relationship to death as an active part of life. We explore and deepen the ground of our being, our authentic caring healing presence and become agents of change in the evolution of human consciousness. We include a basic view of Caring Science Theory including 10 Caritas Processes and the Unitary World View. We will explore Conscious Dying Education's principles and practices including the 10 Conscious Dying Principles, The Subtle Energy Realms, Practices for Death, Forgiveness, and Conscious Communication.

        Through dialogue with others and deep inquiry into our own beliefs and values, we make this work our own. This type of exploration allows for the independent investigation of truth, expanding our own views of life and death and our ability to hold the views, opinions, and beliefs of others.

        It teaches us to become more intimate with the challenges and grace in life of those nearing death. We learn to face our own fears and understand the importance of grieving our own loses.

        Together we create a personal, intimate understanding Caring Science and Conscious Dying Theory and Practice.

        Refund/Cancellation Policy:  All prices are in USD. A minimum non-refundable deposit of $995.00 is required to register for all ticket types.  If for any reason you need to cancel your attendance for this event, we will happily reschedule for another program within 12 calendar months.