Vancouver BC: Sacred Passage: End of Life Doula Certificate - Phase 1~Nov 24-26 | Phase 2~March 7-11, 2018

  • Centre for Peace 1825 West 16th Avenue Vancouver Canada

Join Tarron Estes Conscious Dying Institute with A Perfect Ending for "Sacred Passage Guidance: End Of Life Doula Certificate"

WHAT DOES THIS TRAINING DO?   The Sacred Passage Doula Certificate changes end of life care by transforming caregivers.  It prepares caregivers across all settings to be authentically present, communicate with vulnerability, honesty, and compassion and administer palliative-based comfort care healing modalities to anyone, regardless of health status by focusing on improving care at the end of life.

You may also Enter the Conscious Dying Institute Master's Path .  Total cost of the CDE $4075.00 Includes the Doula Certificate. If you have completed the Doula Certificate, cost is $1595.

Graduates implement Conscious Dying Principles and Practices:

  1. Increase beauty, pleasure, contentment  
  2. Provide emotional and spiritual support
  3. Initiate conversations about dying process
  4. Practice Self Care to reduce burnout and emotional fatigue
  5. Demystify the stages of the dying process  
  6. Acknowledge mysteries, miracles and unexplained events 
  7. Learn How to be with intense emotions 
  8. Honor other’s beliefs without them threatening your own
  9. Be a Steward of conscious death  10. Attend at bedside ---  No one dies alone

WHO IS THIS TRAINING FOR? The program is for anyone wishing to serve at end of life, including people interested in exploring their own mortality and desiring to deepen their present moment awareness and a full experience of life. 

Nurse leaders, clinicians, healing arts professionals, home and family caregivers will increase the skills needed to care for clients, patients, friends and families who increasingly face end of life. We expand from expertise in clinical practices to offer comforting care people want and need most.

Who Benefits? The program benefits all involved in the care of life, love, family and healing. It is the preparation we need to befriend death, surrender and trust deeply in each moment, and become supportive end of life companions.

  • Yoga students, teachers and teachers in training
  • Caregivers, therapists, and nurses, hospice volunteers
  • Community Organizations, and Faith Based groups (in-service)
  • Senior Community and Long Term Care leaders and staff
  • Health Care Systems’ Clinicians who positively improve HCHAPS specifically nurse/patient communication, patient satisfaction, and quality of life

PHASE 1 OVERVIEW: The Phase 1 program is a life passage journey connecting us to our collective roots and to the impermanence of life. This deep, compassionate program creates emotional congruence and completion in relationships -past, present and future. Assisted by live music, restorative & releasing “practices for death”, vision mapping for end of life, grief and forgiveness activities, we unify our spirit, soul and body, healing our profound sense of separation and isolation experienced too often in our culture today. We honor the inevitability of our mortality and attend to the simple basic human intimate needs for holding, listening, openness, forgiveness and love. 

In this immersion we will explore our dreams, hopes and fears surrounding death. This dialogue in both large group and pairs, restores trust in ourselves and each other, creates intimacy, builds community, openness and increases our capacity to be supportive companions at end of life within our own communities.


In Phase 2 you will learn transformational, evidence-based, caring healing modalitiy practices guided by the Caring Science Theory of Dr. Jean Watson and Conscious Dying Principles and Practices by Tarron Estes.   You will work with our 5 Domains of life priority interviewing process: "Best Three Months: Engagement, Care Planning, Life fulfillment" which gives Doulas, patients, families the focused conversations they need to understand and receive their end of life priorities and wishes.                 

For more information contact: or in Canada: ANN GILLESPIE 778-708-4306

I look forward to being with you for this transformative, life changing event, Tarron Estes

Refund / Cancellation Policy: If for any reason you need to cancel your attendance for this event, we will happily reschedule for another program within 12 months.