Boulder CO: 2018 Sacred Passage: End Of Life Doula Certificate, Phase I~Mar 23-25 & Phase 2~Jun 20-24

  • Bodywork Bistro Living Arts Center 3825 Iris Avenue Boulder, CO, 80301 United States

Sacred Passage: End of Life Doula Certificate* offers 62 CEUs and is offered in Boulder, CO USA on the following dates. You may also Enter the Conscious Dying Institute Master's Path .  Total cost of the CDE $4595.00 Includes the Doula Certificate. If you have completed the Doula Certificate, cost is $1595.

  • Sacred Passage: End of Life Doula: Phase 1 -  a 3 Day Workshop March 23-25
  • Sacred Passage: End of Life Doula: Phase 2 - a 5 Day Workshop June 20-24
    * This is a two-part program, so registration for Phases I and II is required.
  • Best Three Months: End of Life Coaching and Care Planning" (B3M) Faculty-guided Practicum between phase 1 and phase 2.  "Best Three Months" is a family, patient, caregiver, community engagement and life fulfillment course. Students learn to identify priorities in 5 domains of life and create care plans guided by the end of life wishes and choices of patients and families facing critical illness and death. 

Unique Benefits and Outcomes of the Sacred Passage: End of Life Doula Certificate

  • Phase 1: Self Care/Self Nurturing transformational education focused on inner awakening of caregiver
  • Faculty Mentored Practicum: Best Three Months: End Of Life Coaching and Care Planning
  • Phase 2: Five domains of Life-Healing Modality Education and Care including expert presenters in:
  • Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, Life Purpose & Review and After Death Rituals and Care
  • Support and Development of End of Life Doula Practice
  • Strategic Visioning and Doula Practice Planning
    • Peer Mentoring and Coaching
    • Conscious Dying Institute Branding and Marketing materials
    • Your Profile Listing on End of Life Doula Directory

The Sacred Passage Doula Certificate Program program benefits all those involved in the care of life, love, family, and healing. From healthcare professionals to concerned family members to end-of-life experts, this provides the preparation needed to befriend death, surrender and trust deeply in each moment, become part of the next great evolution in healthcare, and become a supportive and effective end-of-life companion. 

What is a Sacred Passage Doula?
End of Life Doulas are frontline caregivers who offer healing care to families and patients during critical illness and the dying process. They work individually or in teams, being available around the clock, filling the care-gaps before, nearing and during death. Their compassionate presence increases quality life-moments of the families and patients they serve. The presence of an end of life Doula at bedside assures that families and loved ones can focus on what is most important throughout the dying time.

Who Is It For? 
Frontline staff, nurses, clinicians, healing arts professionals, home and family caregivers, or anyone wishing to serve at the end of life, including those interested in exploring their own mortality and desiring to deepen their present moment awareness and full experience of life.

How Does It Work? 
The Sacred Passage Doula Certificate Program changes end of life care by transforming caregivers who return the emotional, spiritual, physical, practical care and loving experience they receive to the patients and families they serve. It prepares caregivers to be authentically present, communicate with vulnerability, honesty, and compassion and administer palliative-based comfort care healing modalities to anyone, in any setting, regardless of health status.

Sacred Passage Doula, Phase 1 & 2

This is a 2-phase program leading to the Conscious Dying Institute's Sacred Passage Doula Certificate. It offers 62 Continuing Education Credits (CEU's) and is not offered separately from the full Certificate program. Phase I is Friday, Sept 8 - Sunday, Sept. 10 and Phase 2 Wednesday, Nov 8 - Sunday, Nov 12 in Boulder, CO. Both retreats are non-residential, which means they do not include housing. 

The program is designed to bring the caregiver into a deeper understanding of, and peace with, his or her own mortality. After all, it is hard to comfort the dying if the comforter is feeling fear. Through live music, restorative and releasing “practices for death”, vision mapping for end-of-life, grief and forgiveness activities, and other clinically-tested tools, participants heal their own sense of separation an isolation from life, and death.

From this place of greater self-understanding, there is a far greater capacity for holding one another, listening attentively, being open and honest, and offering forgiveness and love. In this setting, transformational, evidence-based, caring and healing practices are taught through the Caring Science Theory of Dr. Jean Watson and Conscious Dying Principles and Practices of Tarron Estes.                    

Program Results:

  1. Moving from curative care to healing care
  2. Creating vitality instead of physical exhaustion
  3. Offering supported conversations instead of challenging topics
  4. Making space for beauty-filled visions and Best Life Care plans instead of unexpressed wishes
  5. Transmuting unexpressed feelings into life satisfaction and completion
  6. Implementing complimentary therapies in 5 domains of life: Spiritual, Emotional, Physical Place/Comfort, and Practical 
  7. Creating caring healing environments for patients and staff
  8. Create caring healing relationships that nurture self and others
  9. Creating caring communication and conversational confidence with staff, residents, patients and families regarding care choices at end of life
  10. Facilitating sharing of stories of grief, loss, miracles, mysteries and unexplainable events with family, staff, and patients
  11. Administering life completion practices including forgiveness, gratitude, legacy, grief work. 

Participants will be able to implement the Conscious Dying Principles and Practices:

  1. Increase beauty, pleasure, contentment
  2. Provide emotional and spiritual support
  3. Initiate conversations about the dying process
  4. How and when to practice self care to reduce burnout and emotional fatigue
  5. Demystify the stages of the dying process
  6. Acknowledge mysteries, miracles, and unexplained events
  7. Learn how to be with intense emotions, in self and others
  8. How to honor other’s beliefs without them threatening your own
  9. Be a Steward of a conscious death
  10. Attend at bedside so that no one dies alone

Registration for End of Life Doula Certificate

To register, please click the “register” button below. The total price of Phase I, Phase 2, and the practicum in between is $2,995, and payment plans and early bird discounts may be available. This event is held in Boulder, CO. 

Retreat times are 9am - 5pm or 9am - 8pm, with breaks for lunches and dinners. Exact schedules and itineraries will be provided at registration. 

Both retreats are non-residential, which means they do not include housing. 

If you would like more information, please contact us at:   

Refund / Cancellation Policy: If for any reason you need to cancel your attendance for this event, we will happily reschedule for another program within 12 months.