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Virtual Training: Conscious Dying Educator Certificate | EOL Doula Certifiate REQUIRED | 10-week Course Begins Sep 11, 2018

  • ONLINE COURSE United States (map)
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The Conscious Dying Institute's Conscious Dying Educator (CDE) Certificate is for End of Life Doula Certificate Graduates who have a strong call to teach, facilitate and coach. (Exceptions are sometimes made on case by case basis). 

Our CDE Certificate program is a deep dive into the B3M (Best 3 Months) process as a coaching and facilitation model.  CDE graduates become expert coaches and master teachers of this process, working with it primarily in groups.  The program is a 10-week, online, faculty-guided course, consisting of 10 weekly video conferences, augmented with reading and writing assignments, and requiring program internship during the final 6 weeks of the course. 

This program is perfect for CDI doula graduates who:

  • Have a passion for teaching and have intact communities where they are inspired to bring this work. 
  • Are facile in engaging groups of people.
  • Love to teach and want to learn to teach really well.
  • Feel called to increase “end of life” conversations within their communities, whatever they may be: churches, parent groups, healthcare systems, organizations of all types, teachers at your kid’s school, co-workers, neighbors, to name a few. 
  • Enjoy or want more experience in online learning platforms and onsite group facilitations.

Participants are invited to attend CDI onsite programs, any program, any time, free of charge.  This is encouraged but not required.  The CDE certificate program has a minimum of 8 participants; enrollment is limited to 12.

The program and its structure serves to accomplish our mission and increase the number of people identifying and receiving the care they want at end of life.  Our mission:

Create Wisdom-Based Caring Healing Culture of Sacred Passage Guides who Restore death to its scared place in the beauty mystery & celebration of life and contribute to the Evolution of Human Consciousness

Course Requirements

Prior to and during the program, participants will:

1.      Receive and read online materials.

2.      Complete a self-introduction video and upload video onto Vimeo before class starts (so we can meet each other before first call).

3.      Complete assignments (may include accessing materials from Google drive, viewing student videos, accessing resources online).

4.      Participate in weekly video conferences (we use ZOOM as our video conference platform); participation must be visual, no phone only, voice only participation.  All ten ZOOM sessions will be recorded (one for each week in our 10 week course); 8 sessions must be attended in person (in order to earn your certificate); for missed sessions participants are expected to watch the recorded call for their missing week(s).

5.      Complete an internship project:

a.      Free 6-week onsite program: B3M End of Life Fulfillment Care and Planning: A Life Changing Journey and Exploration Beyond Advanced Directives.

b.      Minimum of 10 enrollees, maximum of 15.

c.      Course begins in week 5 of the CDE program, so that the internship course is nested within the 10-week CDE program.  This gives participants a minimum of 4 weeks to recruit students and build their group.  However, we recommend CDEs sign up as soon as possible in order to have  more time to build their group using CDI-provided materials.

d.      In support of the internship course, CDI-provided materials include: flyer, group invitations, CDI overview slideshow, agenda for all weeks, resources on community based end of life education, curriculum support and delivery documents.

e.      Use of a projector and slide presentations is REQUIRED.  The internship project requires participants to acquire and use visual presentation resources provided by CDI.

f.       Venue for course must be coordinated as well.

In addition to the above requirements, participants may be invited to work with other programs during the interval of the 10-week course or after.  Examples might include:  mentoring online course participants, mentoring CDI End of Life doulas-in-training, mentoring participants in the Caring Science Conscious Dying programs, supporting students in the B3M process across any CDI program.

  • Co-facilitators: Tarron Estes, Greg Lathrop
  • Price: $1595

A fundamental assumption of Conscious Dying Education is that the nature of our heart is to give back the love, care and wisdom we receive.  The CDE Certificate prepares graduates of Sacred Passage: End of Life Doula Certificate Programs to facilitate Conscious Dying Education and Care. It's a course of study for those who wish to bring this important work into their communities--to transmit their heart wisdom to others. 

The intention of the teacher training is to increase the number of patients and families comforting healing care they want and need most at end of life in all home and health care settings. And to broaden the reach of Conscious Dying Education to colleges of nursing, faith based groups, senior communities, and gatherings to support families and communities to understand a variety of care modalities and care situations that all them to make healthy choices before during and after death.

Refund / Cancellation Policy: If for any reason you need to cancel your attendance for this event, we will happily reschedule for another program within 12 months.