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Boulder CO |Conscious Dying Educator Certificate | EOL Doula Certifiate REQUIRED| 2017 Phase 1: Aug 24-26, Special Project, Phase 2: Dec 5-9| REGISTRATION IN EOL DOULA CERTIFICATE REQUIRED

  • Bodywork Bistro Living Arts Center 3825 Iris Avenue Boulder, CO, 80301 United States (map)
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Conscious Dying Educator Certificate (CDE) is for EOL Doula Certificate Graduates who have a strong call to teach. (Exceptions are sometimes made on case by case basis).  COSTof CDEis $4995.00 Includes EOL Certificate. $2000.00 if Certificate is completed. 62 CNEs are offered for this onsite course in Boulder, CO USA taking place in conjunction with the EOL Doula Certificate Course on the following dates:

  • 3-Day Workshop – Aug 24-26
  • 5-Day Workshop – Dec 5-9
    * This is a multi phased program, so registration for both workshops is required

Conscious Dying Educators in Training:

  • Receive Personal Mentoring by CDI Faculty prior, during and after to onsite courses deepening their capacity to teach segments of Conscious Dying Education

  • Dive into the EOL Doula Certificate course again from the perspective of an educator

  • Support EOL Doulas in training during course

  • Work closely with other CDE trainees during breakout sessions in the onsite course, clarifying their teaching skills and components

  • Design and Implement their CDE Community Educator Project

A fundamental assumption of Conscious Dying Education is that the nature of our heart is to give back the love, care and wisdom we receive. Conscious Dying Education Teacher Training prepares graduates of Sacred Passage: End of Life Doula Certificate Programs to facilitate Conscious Dying Education and Care. It's a course of study for those who wish to bring this important work into their communities--to transmit their heart wisdom to others. 

A Conscious Dying Educator will offer Conscious Dying Principles, Practices, and Philosophy to community organizations such as Senior Communities and Faith-based organizations, increasing the number of patients and families receiving comforting healing care they want and need most at end of life.

The Conscious Dying Educator will utilize the Best Three Months of Life Care Plan, supporting people in their communities to identify and fulfill their end of life wishes and priorities in all domains of life. 

Conscious Dying Education Teacher Training prepares graduates of Sacred Passage Guidance Certificate Program to offer Best Three Months: End of Life Coaching and Care to communities and to facilitate Conscious Dying Education.

The intention of the teacher training is to increase the number of patients and families comforting healing care they want and need most at end of life in all home and health care settings. And to broaden the reach of Conscious Dying Education to colleges of nursing, faith based groups, senior communities, and gatherings to support families and communities to understand a variety of care modalities and care situations that all them to make healthy choices before during and after death.

The program builds upon these requirements:

·       Prerequisite - completion of the Sacred Passage Guidance End of Life Doula Certificate.  (Exceptions may be granted on a case by case basis.)

·       Phase 1 - Attendance during Phase 1 Doula Certificate, Friday, Aug 24 - Sunday, Aug 26, 2018, as a Teacher in Training with Special Mentoring prior to onset with Founder and Faculty

·       Independent Project - Design and implement a Conscious Dying Education event in your community. Choose elements of the Conscious Dying Education Sacred Philosophy and Theory to integrate into your teaching practice.

·       Phase 2 - Attendance at the 5-day End of Life Doula Certificate Workshop, Wednesday, Dec 5 - Sunday, Dec 9, 2018, (or alternate option case by case basis) as a Teacher in Training demonstrating project outcomes in the classroom.

The Teacher in Training will:

  • Receive Mentoring by CDI Faculty
  • Complete Student Project following Phase I and prior to Phase 2: Design and Deliver a Conscious Dying Education Community Event supported by  CDI materials and content
  • Identify "Resonance" segments of CDI Principles, Practices and Philosophies for unique specializations and teaching tools
  • Present Project in Phase 2

Intended Audience:  Directors of Nursing, Health Care Educators, Healing Arts Professionals, Clinical Professionals, Senior Community Leaders, Hospice and Palliative Care Leaders and Caring Professionals who have met application requirements and been accepted for the Conscious Dying Institute (CDI)Teacher Training Program.

CNEs & Program Requirements:

CNEs provided (currently estimated at 66 nursing contact hours)

In order to receive certificate, participants must complete:

1.     Student Application prior to registering & attending the program(s).

2.     Attendance at prerequisite Sacred Passage Guidance Certificate Program(s).

3.     Full engagement in all learning activities of onsite course involving group/individual/partner exercises; conference calls, webinars, social networking and to work with Faculty mentor/guides(s) in exploring concepts, ideas, personal growth and coaching experiences as assigned.  These may include, and are not limited to: personal reflective journaling that increase understanding and application core concepts and principles and increase self-care.

4.     Complete and submit all program evaluations.

Refund / Cancellation Policy: If for any reason you need to cancel your attendance for this event, we will happily reschedule for another program within 12 months.