The Conscious Dying Institute is a transformational learning organization that places healing practices in the hands of the people who matter most:  Caring Professionals and Families.

Our Mission: To Restore Death to It's Sacred Place in the Beauty, Mystery and Celebration of Life, creating a new wisdom-based Culture of Care and Healing and Contribute to the Evolution of Human Consciousness.

The Institute provides end of life education appropriate for clinical professionals, home and family caregivers, and health care systems.  The Institute's end of life literacy curriculum illuminates our authentic caring presence, restores our true purpose and power as healing agents.  Click here to learn about Tarron Estes,  Founder Conscious Dying Institute.

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End Of Life Doula Support for Caregivers Patients & Families      

Best Three Months of Life Coaching and Care Planning                  

Personal Dreamwork Sessions   

Sacred Passage Doulas practice healing vs. curative care across all health care settings, working along side clinical professional, increasing precious quality moments of life, spiritual sanctity, beauty, inter-connectedness and appreciation of life for everyone.

Through shared learning, End of Life Doulas elevate the experience deathing. They learn to surrender and trust deeply in each moment. The rich, intensive, life-evoking education prepares Doulas to be supportive end of life companions who offer the comforting healing care people want and need most.

Be Held, Be Whole, Be Healing

Be Held, Be Whole, Be Healing

Conscious Dying Institute's Doulas receive education that is transformational and palliative in nature.

It attends to the caregiver's inner awakening, establishing their abilities to give spiritual, emotional, physical, and practical care to anyone,regardless of diagnosis.

".....If one is interested in human behavior, in the adaptations and defenses that humans have in order to cope with stress, death is the place to learn about it. For those who seek to understand it, death is a highly creative force. The highest spiritual values of life can originate from the thought and study and death”.  Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

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