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Sacred Passage: End of Life Doula Certificate

The Sacred Passage: End of Life Doula Certificate program benefits all those involved in the care of life, love, family, and healing. From healthcare professionals to concerned family members to end-of-life experts, this provides the preparation needed to befriend death, surrender and trust deeply in each moment, become part of the next great evolution in healthcare, and become a supportive and effective end-of-life companion.   The program includes 66 CNE contact hours and includes two onsite workshops, Phase 1:  Conscious Dying Practices for Awakening NOW! and Phase 2: Domains of End of Life Modality Training (dates noted below), and a Student Practicum: Best Three Months: End of Life Coaching and Care Planning, which takes place during the interval between.  

Program cost is $2995.

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Registrations currently accepted for programs in:  Vancouver, Asheville and Boulder.

Masters Path: Conscious Dying Educator Certificate

Conscious Dying Educator Certificate (CDE) prepares graduates of "Sacred Passage: End Of Life Doula Certificate" to implement Conscious Dying Education programs in their local communities and care systems; to broaden the reach of Conscious Dying Education in colleges of nursing, faith based groups, senior communities, and organizations. It's a course of study for those who wish to bring this important work into their communities--to transmit their heart wisdom to others.  The program is open to End of Life Doula graduates, and requires one 3-day onsite workshop, an internship with the Conscious Dying Institute, and completion of a community education project.  A second 5-day onsite workshop is optional but not required. 

Program cost is $1595.

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Best Three Months: Conscious Dying End Of Life Coaching And Care Planning Certificate - A Distance Learning Online Course Coming Soon -

Best Three Months (B3M): Conscious Dying Coaching and Care™ is a distance learning end of life education, community engagement and life fulfillment course for caregivers in all walks of life. Through interactive, faculty mentored study, participants learn to create restorative environments, caring healing moments, and loving experiences guided by the life fulfillment priorities and comfort care choices of patients and families facing critical illness and death.  

Program cost is $995.