Program At-A-Glance

The Conscious Dying Educator (CDE) includes the following components:

  1. Completion of EOL Doula Certificate.
  2. Attendance in an additional Phase 1 EOL Doula onsite in either Boulder or Vancouver
  3. Completion of Virtual Learning Sessions with CDI Faculty and CDE Students
  4. Completion of Community or System Projects and CDE assignments
  5. Optional attendance in Phase 2 EOL Doula onsite.

Investment:   $1595.00.

Our Conscious Dying Educator Certificate offers onsite and virtual learning. Faculty Mentors support students to implement a "Best Three Months: Five Domains End of Life Care Planning" Community Project and grow a network of supportive care in their local communities.

How to Register:

  1. If you have not completed the EOL Doula Certificate, register below for EOL certificate at any of our 4 locations in USA and Canada.
  2. If you have completed the EOL Certificate, register below for your CDE 3 day Onsite in Boulder or Vancouver.

Application Process:Applying is easy.  Click here to open our on-line application, fill in the blanks and you're done.  We'll be in touch with you shortly thereafter.

Refund / Cancellation Policy:

No refunds. If for any reason you need to cancel your attendance for this event, we will happily reschedule for another program within 12 months.

Become a Conscious Dying Educator!

Conscious Dying Educator Certificate (CDE) prepares graduates of "Sacred Passage: End Of Life Doula Certificate" (EOL) to implement Conscious Dying Education programs in their local communities and care systems; to broaden the reach of Conscious Dying Education in colleges of nursing, faith based groups, senior communities, and organizations. It's a course of study for those who wish to bring this important work into their communities--to transmit their heart wisdom to others.

A fundamental assumption of Conscious Dying Education is that the nature of our heart is to give back the love, care and wisdom we receive. The intention of CDE is to increase understanding of a variety of comforting care modalities and care situations allowing them to make healthy choices before during and after death; and to increase the number of patients and families defining their end of life priorities and receiving the comforting healing care they want and need most at end of life in any home or health care settings.

The Conscious Dying Educator will naturally align with the mission of The Conscious Dying Institute: To restore death to it's sacred place in the beauty, blessing, and mystery of life. The future educator is a gate keeper and steward of the great mystery whose presence demonstrates protection, safety, trust and guidance needed by others as they enter the realm of spirit, passing through their physical, mortal form.

Expectations of Graduates is that the future educator arrives with a burning desire in their heart, a pre-existing soul calling to increase the number of people understanding and receiving the comforting, healing care they most want and need whether in their home, hospitals, nursing homes, or senior communities. Each future educator is expected to gravitate toward their own unique gift, teaching style, and offering as leader and facilitator of Conscious Dying Principles and Practices.

Intended Audience:  Directors of Nursing, Health Care Educators, Healing Arts Professionals, Clinical Professionals, Senior Community Leaders, Hospice and Palliative Care Leaders and Caring Professionals who have met application requirements and been accepted for the Conscious Dying Educator Certificate.

Program Requirements:

  1. Prerequisite - Completion of the Sacred Passage: End of Life Doula Certificate.
  2. Required: Phase I Attendance during 3-day onsite EOL Certificate program in your location
  3. Optional Phase II EOL Doula onsite
  4. Required: Independent Faculty Mentored Project. Student designs and implements a Conscious Dying Education Event in your community. Includes mentoring, Virtual learning, Conscious Dying Education Community Projects utilizing Conscious Dying Education Principles and Practices, Best Three Months: Five Domains of Life Care Planning

Participants in this program will:

  1. Learn to deliver Best 3 Months: Five Domains End of Life Care Planning Workshops their community.
  2. Offer added value in end of life culture change to community organizations and health systems that supports the Triple Aim: patient satisfaction, quality care, and best costs, for improving Health at end of life.

Learning Structure: The underlying transformational experiential learning structure exposes teachers in training to multiple learning strategies within the Conscious Dying Educational Learning Curriculum. Through repeated exposure to a variety of learning activities, practices and student learning styles, future teachers become profoundly intimate with the concepts, theory, comforting care modalities; facilitation and teaching styles; content, agendas, and program structure.

Teaching Methodology: This course has been designed using the principles of adult learning. PowerPoint images will be used to augment the speaker’s presentation and a supportive syllabus includes information for referencing after the course. Attendees will have an active role in discussion as well as opportunity to ask questions and share experiences.

The course offers a variety of learning opportunities including:

Throughout the program, students create caring healing environments,  learning aesthetic ways of knowing/being, ritual, ceremony, and celebration, framing the educational experience to affirm, consolidate and initiate participants into and through collective transformative Sacred Passage Journey. The caring circle of learning creates safe space, whereby participants can explore self-collective journey through intentional guided experiences and cultivation of loving–kindness, equanimity, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude that can be translated to end of life care and practices.