Organizational/Institutional Benefits

A Staff trained in Sacred Passage Guidance fosters open, compassionate, and respectful interaction combined with an evidence based comfort care initiative yielding positive increase in the measures that drive patient satisfaction, quality of life, patient care experience, nurse satisfaction and overall hospital ratings.

System Benefits:

  1. Increase number of patients entering hospice care
  2. Increase number of completed fulfilled advanced directives
  3. Increase number of Hospice days and early entry
  4. Increase Hospice usage in LTC
  5. Increase comfort care implementation regardless of hospice entry
  6. Increase staff, family and resident satisfaction overall
  7. Increase quality of life nearing end of life in nursing homes, homecare.
  8. Increase census by becoming recognized as leaders of quality end of life care that the boomer market can relate to

Clinician and Caregiver Benefits

  • Shares knowledge/Builds Caring Culture and Caring Relationships

Graduates of Conscious Dying Education Programs play a key role in helping to transform self and systems through their ability to translate and sustain the heritage, ethic, philosophy, theory and science of human caring and conscious dying into concrete day to day caring-healing practices.  Conscious Dying Institute graduates work alongside members of the transdisciplinary teams in home or health care settings, sharing their knowledge of current caring-healing practices/modalities, and developing/sustaining caring healing environments and intentional care cultures in the practice setting.  Graduates also serve as a catalyst for and guardian of authentic caring practices for self and others and help weave and make visible the core concepts of Conscious Dying Principles and Practices and human caring science/theory throughout the practice setting. 

  • Gains Confidence in Being with Dying

Conscious Dying Education(CDE) allows all caregivers to approach dying as a natural transition and sacred life passage. As bedside nurses and home caregivers increase their ability to talk openly with patients and families about their end of life wishes and choices, nursing practice shifts its focus from “Curative Care” (now being referred to as “Futile Care”) to healing care and a high quality of life chosen by the patient. This shift from curing to healing improves the care experience, supporting all dimensions of life. CDI graduates learn to give spiritual and emotional care needed for dying patients to transition with grace toward the vision inherent in their own cultural values, spiritual beliefs and practices.

  • Restores Meaning and Purpose of Caring as a Spiritual Practice

Conscious Dying Education’s restorative, self-nurturing comfort care healing modality elements provided throughout the program give caregivers the opportunity to engage in self-reflective experiential activities regarding their own life and death. This self-reflection decreases the gap between current unhealthy life situations and their vision for good life and death. Perhaps for the first time over years of giving care, nurses may release grief and emotions of the patients that have died in their care. This may increase empathy for patients, reducing burnout, stress and emotional fatigue in Nursing and Caregiver practices. Participants in the Sacred Passage Guidance Certificate Program may feel more useful in their job and more confident about their future in attending to the care and healing of dying patients and their families at bedside.

Patients Benefits  

  • Improved  Nurse/Patient Communication and Experience of Care

There is a very high correlation between the nursing items on patient satisfaction surveys (CAHPS Survey /HCAHPS) pointing to the quality of communication between nurse/caregiver and the patient’s overall satisfaction with their healthcare experience. This program’s experiential format and its core training in authentic caring communication leads to positive nurse-patient communication and therefore patients’ experience of care. Results from other sources also suggest that nursing staff can feel better about their job and about their patients as they enhance their communication skills in being with death and dying.

Professional Outcome of Sacred Passage Guidance Coaching:

By going through this program, nurses may for the first time encounter deeper aspects of themselves that expand their self-awareness and help them identify their own hopes, beliefs and desires regarding end of life. It may function to remind them of their interconnectedness to all life, their true nature and therefore the implications of their presence and practice with those they serve. They may feel their personal losses, grief, and the need to forgive and be forgiven for the first time and see the possibility for their own transformation and healing.

The program re-focuses nurse practices on the powerful and subtle energetic portals of healing available to all attending nearing death. This focus on availability of life energy and intimate human to human connection via the immediate environment and their inherent healing ability enables nurses and all care providers to become stronger in their personal presence as agents of healing and stewards in the art of surrender and letting go. It allows all involved to reconnect with Death as a transformative sacred passage and powerful portal in the circle of life.  It may change primary care practice at end of life.

The program renews the purpose and art of caregiving as a Spiritual Practice. Being based in the ethics, values of human caring that are translated into caring healing practices for individuals, teams, residents, patients, and healing environments allows diverse staff and care providers to experience their heart’s purpose and call to serve humanity focused at the time of before, during, and nearing end of life.

The Shared Journey of Sacred Passage Guidance:

Conscious Dying Founder, Faculty Associates, SPG guide(s)/mentor(s) journey with the Sacred Passage student during the certificate program and beyond, mentoring, sharing, co-creating, and co-experiencing the transformative authentic personal/professional (intellectual-aesthetic-spiritual) growth toward depth and expansion of Conscious Living and Dying for all.