In addition to earning Continuing Education Credits, participants will experience the following benefits through attending this workshop:

  • Mastery in one to one and group communication processes
  • Increased empathy, compassion, and self awareness
  • Increased conversational confidence about the dying process
  • Restoration, Nourishment, Re-newal
  • Ability to utilize Practices for Death
  • Actualize, mature understanding and use of Conscious Dying Principles©

 Conscious Dying Principles©

  1.  Increase beauty, pleasure, contentment
  2.  Provide emotional and spiritual support
  3.  Initiate conversations about dying process
  4.  Practice Self Care to reduce burnout and emotional fatigue
  5.  Demystify the stages of the dying process
  6.  Acknowledge mysteries, miracles and unexplained events
  7.  Learn how to be with intense emotions
  8.  Honor other’s beliefs~Stay true to your own
  9.  Be a Steward of conscious deaths
  10.  Attend at bedside~No one dies alone