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Program At a Glance

“Best Three Months: Conscious Dying Coaching and Care ” is an interactive, faculty guided online learning course—a living laboratory using a transformational coaching model where participants meaningfully engage with other students, patients, and families to identify and actualize life fulfilling priorities within a "three month to live" time frame.

This transformative End of Life Coaching and Care Planning course,  goes beyond advanced directives toward fulfilling patient and family wishes, culminating in a living legacy, a life passage journey for “Best Three Months of Life”. 

Best Three Months: Achieve the "Triple Aim" in Healthcare

The IHI Triple Aim is a framework developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement that describes an approach to optimizing health system performance. Best Three Months: Conscious Dying Coaching and Care Planning answers the national, ethical, and cultural imperatives to develop new designs for health at end of life --simultaneously pursuing three dimensions identified by IHI-- called the “Triple Aim”:

  • Improving the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction);
  • Improving the health of populations (systems, cities, organizations, families, communities)
  • Reducing the per capita cost of health care.

HOW Does this program Achieve the Triple AIM?

  Be Whole | Be Held | Be Healing

  • Each of us is a whole being composed of shared and unique spiritual, emotional, physical intellectual, and practical human needs which come to the fore during end of life transitions.
  • This program restores our true purpose and our capacity to attend with wholeness, care and love in all domains of life.  It renews the innate healing gifts and talents of caregivers, making it natural and easy to offer Whole Being Care. How does this happen?
  • Caregivers receive nurturance and emotional and spiritual attention needed to experience their own healing that increases self-care and self-love. The transpersonal, experiential learning modalities and practices offered in the program bring the caregiver into a deeper understanding of and peace with his or her own mortality.
  • After all, it is hard to comfort the dying if we haven’t faced our own fear.  From this place of greater self-understanding and self care, there is a far greater capacity for holding one another, listening attentively, being open and honest, communicating honestly and compassionately for that we can face death, experience forgiveness and increase love
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Best Three Months (B3M): Conscious Dying  Coaching and Care Certificate™ 

Best Three Months (B3M): Conscious Dying Coaching and Care™ is a distance learning end of life education, community engagement and life fulfillment course for caregivers in all walks of life. Through interactive, faculty mentored study, participants learn to create restorative environments, caring healing moments, and loving experiences guided by the life fulfillment priorities and comfort care choices of patients and families facing critical illness and death. 

This online distance learning course increases caregiver capacity to consciously connect, communicate, offer the comforting healing care that people want and need in their most vulnerable time of life.  Participants expand the care for those facing death to a three month time frame, which heightens their capacity to attend and support during the last weeks and days of life.

The course is appropriate for front line home and healthcare system caregivers and staff, family, faith based or community organization members, nurses and life coach students, and anyone who desires to serve and support patients and families during the final months of life.

Beyond Right to Die | Toward Rites of Passage

Start with the End in Mind: Intentional Designs For Deathing

How we die is our last and long lasting living legacy. How we die is a mirror to those left behind about what became possible in our lifetime. What if we could be supported to enter this process as a Hero's Journey? What if we partner with families and patients to create rites of passage worthy of their lives?  By focusing on the end and talking about death, we discover what matters most in life NOW. We understand our true nature, our enduring values and life priorities so that they can be fulfilled before we die.

End of Life Coaches support families and patients not only to talk about death. They build trusting relationships, design “Best Life Care” plans, and offer comfort care matching those plans before, during and after death. We learn to sit vigil and support families and patients to focus on what matters most- guided by the wishes of patients and families.

    Beyond Do No Harm | Toward The Evolution of Human Consciousness

    Our Graduates' new depth of spiritual awareness, physical embodiment and attunement, emotional intelligence and empathy create a new culture and Careforce of care and healing at end of life becoming the next great revolution in healthcare. A revolution capable of increasing the evolution of human consciousness-a potential that is heightened when people understand that their life nears an ending.

    B3M Coaches develop confidence in their authentic healing presence. They deepen their ability to be with the vulnerabilities and turbulent waters arising around the dying time.

    Creating Caring Healing Culture of End of Life Doulas: From Workforce to Careforce

    It is possible to experience the fullness of life and the promise held within the DNA of 'Death'. Death's encoding holds within it a transformational portal for not only the one who is preparing to leave this earth but for all involved in the dying process.

    Graduates become a part of a new culture of care and healing-the careforce who positively improve end of life patient satisfaction and care, improve the health of families and ultimately communities, and supports reduction in extreme, futile "Life at All Costs Care". The healing care of an End of Life Coach goes beyond do no harm toward care and healing for all positively contributing to the evolution of all human consciousness.