Become a Conscious Dying Coach!

This unique program prepares you to:

Create Sacred Passages for Families, Patients, & Communities

  • Utilize Caring Science as Sacred Science & Conscious Dying Healing Care Principles and Practices

  • Restore Death to its Scared Place in the Beauty, Mystery & Celebration of Life

  • Awaken Human Consciousness

  • Support families emotionally, spiritually, physically, psychologically, and after death

  • Implement "Best Three Months: End of Life Coaching and Care Planning" in 5 Domains of Life

  • Implement the 10 Conscious Dying Principles

In this course you will:

  1. Learn to use “ one of the most powerful end-of-life care and planning processes available that goes beyond advance directives -”Best Three Months”.

  2. Help patients and families identify and implement what matters most before, during, and after death in all 5 Domains of Life.

  3. Create Holistic Care and Healing Plans for Individuals & Families

  4. Focus on most important life priorities within a 3 month-to-life time frame.

  5. Explore your own end of life desires, beliefs and wishes

  6. Complete your own End of Life Vision and Care plan

  7. Receive Personal, Care, Healing and Transformation

  8. Activate you innate gifts and talents and become a Conscious Dying End of Life Coach

Register for the Next Training:

2019 St. Paul, MN | Best Three Months: Conscious Dying Coach Certificate

Onsite Training Dates:

Thursday, September 26, 20198:15 AM - Saturday, September 28, 20196:00 PM

Virtual Practicum Dates:

September 29, 2019 - December 31, 2019


Hamline University - West Hall, Room 240 (School of Education) | 1492 Hewitt AvenueSt Paul, MN, 55104United States (map)

Program Cost: $1895.00

The program cost includes 3-day, on-site training & Virtual "Best Three Months: Conscious Dying Coach and Care" practicum.

Travel, meals and lodging are not included.


Join Tarron Estes, Founder of the Conscious Dying Institute and Faculty in this life fulfilling transformational journey and exploration for anyone wishing to live fully NOW!

A Whole Health | Whole Person| Whole (Holy) Living & Dying Coaching Process

3-Day onsite training | 12-Week Virtual Practicum | Online Learning & Coaching

What is Conscious Dying: End of life Coaching?

Unlike End of Life Doula work which focuses being bedside with patients to support them and their families on the last weeks, days, of life, End-of-life coaching helps a person discern what would be most important to them in the last 3 months of their life, how these insights might change the way they are currently living, and what concrete steps they could take to live more in alignment with their priorities in all 5 domains of life:

  1. Spiritual: Honoring Beliefs and Practices

  2. Emotional: Grief, Forgiveness, Healing Relationships

  3. Physical: Comforting Care of body and Healing Enviornment

  4. Life Purpose Review: Gleaning Life’s Meaning

  5. Practical After Death Care: Care of the Body and Family After Death

Many people find it hard to talk about critical illness and dying, leaving conversations and life priorities unsaid and unexplored. Skillful end-of-life coaching opens up conversations about how to live more intentionally and how we want to die more consciously.

End of life Coaching is a conversational, relational journey—a change and discovery process that opens our awareness and expands our choices, focusing our attention, hearts, minds and actions on “what matters most NOW”. It is attentive to the multiple wisdoms of body, psyche, and soul. It places primary importance on an intuitive wholeness- whole living and whole dying.

An effective end of life coaching relationship empowers us to encounter life fully through to the end. A Conscious Dying Coach encourages, supports, offers respect, openness, compassion, empathy, and a holds a rigorous commitment to speaking the truth. A end of life coach holds and supports those facing end of life to demystify the stages of the dying process, realize the disillusionment of form to formlessness (dis-soul-loosen-ment) inherent in the dying process, allowing space to identify and implement their deepest heart’s desires within remaining time on earth so that what matters most comes into being before they die.

In Conscious Dying Coaching, a vision of new possibilities is created, with clear goals that are achievable and client-centered, followed by small action steps that help connect the present to the future. So a coach helps you imagine a greater possibility beyond advance directives, medical, technical and curative care—and then supports you in achieving a conscious death a defined by the person who is facing end of life. End of Life Coaching helps you get from an unsatisfying current reality to a life-fulfilling vision through your last months. Our End of Life coaching is compassionate, behavior-based and action-oriented. We set action steps to implement desires. The discovery and exploration is vital, but end of life priorities discovered happen only with focused desired outcomes and action steps.

This is a life-changing exploration for anyone wishing to live fully NOW!

The self-development of the coach is also a key differentiator in our program. We do our own deep dive in order to be fully present with others in potentially challenging conversations about dying. The certificate course gives students the coaching structure, community experience, personal development and coaching tools they need to befriend death and to inquire and deeply connect with what people want most during critical illness and death."

The course is open to nursing, clinical, healing arts, legal/para legal, and counseling professionals; family caregivers, life coaches, and the public at large.  It is appropriate for anyone wishing to increase love, care, healing, and life fulfillment before, during, nearing, and after death. It is a program for anyone wishing to educate the public and serve families and patients during this powerful healing portal surrounding death.

The “Best Three Months: Conscious Dying End of Life Coach Certificate” program begins with a 3-day, on-site workshop. The on-site training supports students via transformational, experiential practices that strengthen authentic presence and loving kindness, restores innate healing gifts and talents, renews purpose, and restores the art of care giving to a spiritual path. This training and the interactive life changing activities provided by Tarron Estes increases one’s capacity to be emotionally and spiritually supportive during this vulnerable and, sometimes turbulent, period of life.

Our transformatoinal end of life coaching program expands your capacity to offer care and healing within the Sacred Circle of Life.  By entering this life-enriching, end-of-life coaching certificate program in Conscious Dying Care, students engage in a new praxis of holistic end-of-life education and conversation.Together we can restore death to its sacred place in the beauty, mystery, and celebration of life, thus joining a culture of End of Life Coaches whose caring, healing presence and inner transformation awaken human consciousness.

Upon enrollment, you will engage with Online Educational Resources Modules and CDI Faculty online mentors. You will have Zoom conference meetings with Faculty and peers. The online resources prepare you to understand the basis for your work as a Conscious Dying Coach. These will be completed prior to the 3 day onsite.

The online Education Resources include content from the country’s leader, Tarron Estes, in Conscious Dying Education-its sacred values and principles, and from Dr. Jean Watson in Caring Science as Scared Science.

Over the three months following the on-site training event, students take part in a virtual practicum called “Best Three Months: End of Life Coaching and Care”. They work with student partners and community individuals to learn how to identify, understand, and implement end-of life-priorities in 5 domains of life: Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, Purpose and Practical. In this way, participants learn about what matters most to themselves, as well as to patients and their families, within the context of a “3 months to live” timeline. They engage with readings, resources, and reflective activities from the field of Caring Science as Sacred Science and Conscious Dying Healing Care. 

What is “Best Three Months”? (B3M)

The Best Three Months Process goes Beyond Advance Directives

Vision Map Best of Life Care 2016-page-001.jpg

The "Best Three Months" is one of the most powerful end-of-life care and planning processes available. It goes beyond advance directives and beyond what we don't want during our dying time; it focuses on how we live our lives before, during, and after death. Students learn the 5 Domains of Life: Individual & Family Coaching model and group facilitation practices which focuses on identifying and implementing our most important life priorities within a 3 month-to-life time frame.

By going through the "Best Three Months" practicum, students establish a strong foundation to foster integration of the 10 Conscious Dying Principles from Tarron Estes. It gives students an opportunity to synthesize all they have learned in this course so that as graduates, they can increase the number of people who receive the end-of-life care that they want and need, no matter the setting.

Our Conscious Dying Coaches learn the "Best Three Months" coaching model in preparation to listen deeply and implement the things people hold most precious in their hearts and minds.

Refund/Cancellation Policy:  No refunds. All prices are in USD. A minimum non-refundable deposit of $595.00 is required to register for all ticket types. If for any reason you need to cancel your attendance for this event, we will happily reschedule for another program within 12 months given that a two week notice is provided prior to the start of training. Meals are also non-transferable without a two weeks notice.

Meet Our Faculty

Tarron Estes

I am an End Of Life Educator, Organizational Learning Consultant, Caritas Coach, an Associate Faculty with Dr. Jean Watson's: The Watson Caring Science Institute. I design and facilitate "Sacred Passage: End of Life Doula Certificates" in the United States and Canada.

I work with Health Care Systems and Senior Communities facilitating "End of Life Culture Change" and "Best Three Months: End of Life Fulfillment and Care Planning". I have delivered "Human Caring: A Caring Science Educational Initiative" and "Caring Science Conscious Dying" for nurses and clinical professionals at Kaiser Permanente and other hospital systems in the US.  These programs increase the caregivers ability to develop and fulfill life priorities and care plans based on what people want and need most as their dying time approaches. Continue Reading Here

Janet Booth

Jan has worked as a nurse for over 33 years within the intersection of quality of life and end of life, and she is deeply curious about what creates and sustains wellbeing throughout the human experience. 

Her initiation into the world of death and dying came during nursing school as an unexpected calling. She had started school with the intention of becoming a midwife and helping birth babies. But then she heard this clear call to serve instead as a midwife for the dying. Since that time, Jan has never looked back. Her work trajectory has taken her from the bedside of hospice and palliative care patients to supporting the wellbeing of caregivers, and now into the larger community to further open our cultural conversation about end of life.

Jan’s current work is as an Integrative Nurse Coach around the practice of wellbeing in aging, illness, and dying -- supporting people in navigating serious illness, helping families to talk more openly about end-of-life priorities, and providing health coaching for both professional and personal/family caregivers. Continue Reading Here

Kelly Cummings

Kelly received her nursing education and training in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts at Boston College.  She has been a nurse for almost four decades. Kelly has lived in North Carolina for more than 25 years. As a nursing clinician, her focus has been various in areas of critical care, oncology, geriatrics, palliative care, hospice and nursing leadership. She considers herself a devout follower of Dr. Jean Watson’s Caring Science Nursing Theory. She believes that compassion and connection are the strongest healing forces in our practice. 

Kelly received her PhD from Twente University in the Netherlands. Her dissertation, “Reconstructing Nurses’ Relationships with Older Patients” looked at the impact of I:Thou beliefs on healing and wholeness. She considers herself a caring, healing, presence and has dedicated her nursing studies for the past seven years to tending to the miracles that occur at the end of our lives.

Mitzy Flores

Mitzy has been in the medical field for a little over 18 years. She received my formal nursing education and training in Florida, but has resided in diverse cities across the country. As a nursing clinician, her practice began as a critical care nurse, then transitioned to oncology, followed by community nursing. Finally, she is practicing nursing education. Nursing passion means many things to many people. For Mitzy, nursing is the deep experiences and connections made with others. She began her career saving lives, then moved on to assisting others with life changes. Finally, she transitioned to embracing the stories about the lives lived.

One of the most important aspects for Mitzy is embracing cultures through the lives of others. Foods, customs, rituals, scents and stories are foundational for her when acknowledging and understanding the death and dying process within families. As a sacred passage doula, she assists in bringing all those elements forward to assist person and family during the transition moments of life and death, with love and compassion. Continue Reading Here

Trish Rux

Trish has been curious about death since childhood and her dad was always willing to talk with her about it.  As she grew older, she realized that many people were not comfortable talking about death. She found that being able to talk and listen about death was a gift to those who wanted to explore it. 

Trish became a Registered Nurse in 1982 and often thought about hospice nursing. Death enters many conversations and experiences in nursing, but she didn’t become a hospice nurse until 2009. She is a Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Nurse and have maintained that certification. Her hospice experience is from a 15-bed VA in-patient unit where many people seemed to not give death much thought even in the most basic ways of naming surrogate decision-makers or telling their families what their wishes were. Continue Reading Here