Become A Conscious Dying Educator!

Become A Conscious Dying Educator!

Program At-A-Glance

The Conscious Dying Educator (CDE) includes the following components:

  1. Commitment for participation and registration for course complete by March 8.

  2. Online Course 1 completion prior to onsite workshop - access to course begins March 1.

  3. Onsite workshop in Boulder, CO, April 25-27.

  4. Online Course 2 completion following onsite workshop - access to course begins April 28.

  5. CDE Internship following onsite workshop.

  6. Additional meetings, video conferences, mentoring sessions with CDI faculty as scheduled.

Investment:   $1595.00.

Our Conscious Dying Educator Certificate offers onsite and virtual learning. Faculty Mentors support students to implement a "Best Three Months: Five Domains End of Life Care Planning" Community Project and grow a network of supportive care in their local communities.

Refund / Cancellation Policy:

No refunds. If for any reason you need to cancel your attendance for this event, we will happily reschedule for another program within 12 months.

Conscious Dying Educator Certificate

A Mentoring and Community Death EducationTraining using “Best 3 Months: Conscious Dying Coaching and Care Planning” Facilitation and Coaching Model

Begins with 3 day Onsite April 25-27 simultaneous and within the Caritas Conscious Dying Coach Certificate Program in Boulder CO followed by Best Three Months Community Facilitation Practicum

The Conscious Dying Institute’s Conscious Dying Educator (CDE) Certificate program is a deep dive into the B3M (Best 3 Months) process as a coaching and facilitation model.  CDE graduates become expert coaches and master teachers of this process, working with it primarily in larger groups.

“Imagine being part of the evolution of human consciousness by offering conscious dying education to your local networks, systems, and communities.  Imagine being part of a new praxis of end of life education that includes the inner awakening of caring professionals, patients, and families.

Imagine being part of the courageous movement of  a new end of life "Care Force" that goes beyond curative, medical treatment and/or hospice and palliative care; goes beyond advance directives to increasing the number of patients and families receiving the holistic healing care that matters most  in experiencing life-fulfillment before death and redefines the Hippocratic Oath of "Do No Harm" to "Create Care and Healing for All.”  Tarron Estes, Founder Conscious Dying Institute

As founder of the Conscious Dying Institute, I am excited to invite you to be part of our new Conscious Dying Educator Certificate Course (CDE).

Jean Tarron CCDC.jpg

This new course takes place during and within the Caritas Conscious Dying Educator Certificate (CCDC) course April 25-27 in Boulder, Colorado and is followed by a 3 month B3M virtual practicum.

Onsite workshop meeting times are as follows:

  • Thursday, April 25, 2019 8:15 AM – 6:00 PM

  • Friday, April 26, 2019 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM

  • Saturday, April 27, 2019 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

You will be a part of this vibrant new Caritas Conscious Dying Coaching program interacting with students from Watson Caring Science Institute’s Caritas Coach Education Course, receiving not only the CDE certificate, but all the wonderful new components of this course resulting from a beautiful collaboration between Tarron Estes and Dr. Jean Watson. (Please go here Caritas Conscious Dying Educator Certificate for more info.)

What will I receive in the CCDC course as a CDE student?

  • Newly developed student resources expanding on your End of Life Doula Handbooks and training.

  • April 25-27 Boulder, CO, 3 day onsite program taught by Tarron Estes and Dr. Jean Watson (joining us for day one)

  • 12-week virtual online practicum developing a hands-on B3M group facilitation practice

  • Engagement with new CDI faculty and mentors

What is the purpose of becoming a CDE?

To learn the tools and facilitation skills to further the educational outreach of conscious dying principles within community organizations and other group populations. In this community role, you will be advancing your doula passions and CDI’s mission to: restore death to its sacred place in the beauty, mystery & celebration of life. You will be a valuable participant in raising awareness in the Death Positive Movement and Conscious Dying Education and Care practices. With these expanded skills, as a Sacred Passage Doula and Conscious Dying Educator, you will be on the frontline of expanding the number of people identifying and receiving the care and life-fulfillment processes they want and need before, during and after life’s end.

Am I a good candidate to become a CDE?

 The  CDE course is designed for Sacred Passage EOL Doula Grads who:

  • Have a passion for teaching and have intact communities where they are inspired to bring this work

  • Are at ease engaging groups of people in learning processes

  • Enjoy or want more experience in online learning platforms and in onsite group facilitations

  • Love to teach and want to learn to teach B3M End of Life Fulfillment Care and Planning really well in group environments

  • Feel called to increase “end of life” conversations within their communities, whatever they may be: churches, parent groups, healthcare systems, organizations of all types, teachers at your kid’s school, co-workers, neighbors, to name a few

What will I be, know, learn, and do in this course?

CDI’s Conscious Dying Educator (CDE) Certificate program offers a deep dive into utilizing the B3M (Best 3 Months) process as a coaching and facilitation model for groups, community organizations and health systems. CDE graduates become expert coaches and master teachers of group facilitation of the B3M process as a powerful tool to increase the number of people in communities who have identified and implemented what is most important before they die. You will learn the Caring Science Theory and Philosophies, Unitary World View as developed by Dr. Jean Watson, and the application of these to your doula work in the subtle and spiritual realm nearing end of life.

During this CDE Certificate course you will:

  • Become familiar with and complete course materials on our new e-learning platform

  • Experience the vibrant wisdom and brilliant spirit of Dr. Jean Watson’s Unitary Caring Science World View

  • Experience new material, and review familiar Phase 1 content and transformational activities

  • Gain experience as an onsite mentor to CCDC students in their small group breakouts to enhance their use of Conscious Dying communication and participation in transformational activities during the onsite program; this role may be expanded to include supporting CCDC students during their 3-month practicum following the onsite workshop

  • Complete a CDE mentor-guided internship facilitating a B3M training in your community with a group of 10-15 participants


All CDE program participants must satisfy the following requirements:  

  • Complete Sacred Passage Doula Certificate program

  • Attend the CCDC April 25-27 in Boulder (Caritas Conscious Dying Coaching On-site Workshop)

  • Commit to virtual CDE meetings with CDE faculty (times and schedule TBD) during the 12 week internship following the Boulder workshop

  • Have access to computer and technical fluency sufficient to satisfy course requirements

  • Write a one page description and /or vimeo video recordingof your intention for becoming a Conscious Dying Educator which includes defining the specific communities and networks where you will bring this new group-facilitation model

  • Complete online Course 1 resources, accessible March 1

  • Complete online Course 2 resources by the end of the 3 month practicum/internship

  • Be a CCDC class mentor for activities and practices to these students in the onsite workshop

  • Complete the CDE internship by the end of July for the CDE certificate program

  • Increase familiarity with and use of: the B3M facilitation and coaching model: B3M End of Life Fulfillment Care and Planning guidelines: A Life Changing Journey and Exploration Beyond Advanced Directives resources

  • Be mentored and guided by our CDE faculty

  • Learn to use Zoom video conferencing

  • Be available to interact with CCDC student homework, group chats and discussion groups during their B3M 12-week practicum.

  • Commitment to review and understand course requirements before committing to course.

CDE participants are invited to attend CDI onsite programs, any program, any time, free of charge. This is encouraged but not required.  The CDE certificate program has a minimum of 8 enrollees; enrollment is limited to 12.

What is the CDE Internship?

B3M End of Life Fulfillment Care and Planning: A Life Changing Journey and Exploration Beyond Advanced Directives Facilitation in Communities, Groups, Healthcare and other Organizational Systems

The CDE internship teaches you how to use and follow a B3M group facilitation agenda to develop and facilitate a formal B3M 10-15 person group from start to finish, including:

    • Finding a location

    • Setting Dates

    • Sending out invitations (CDI provides you with a template)

    • Locating all equipment needed for your location. Use of a projector and slide presentations is REQUIRED. The internship requires participants to utilize visual presentation resources provided by CDI

    • Using B3M Materials

    • Teaching a group B3M class over multiple weeks

    • Writing an evaluation of your experience

      In support of the internship group facilitation, CDI will provide these materials: flyers, group invitations, CDI overview slideshow, agenda for all weeks, resources on community-based end of life education, curriculum support and documents to be provided to your B3M participants.

      The B3M Internship begins immediately following the CCDC 3-day onsite program.

Learning Structure: The underlying transformational experiential learning structure exposes teachers-in-training to multiple learning strategies within the Conscious Dying Educational Learning Curriculum. Through repeated exposure to a variety of learning activities, practices and student learning styles, future teachers become profoundly intimate with the concepts, theory, comforting care modalities; facilitation and teaching styles; content, agendas, and program structure.

Teaching Methodology: This course has been designed using the principles of adult learning. PowerPoint slides will be used to augment the facilitator’s presentation and a supportive syllabus includes information for referencing after the course. Attendees will have an active role in discussion as well as opportunity to ask questions and share experiences.

Conscious Dying Education Sacred Values, Philosophy, and Principles

During certificate programs, participants form a relationship with these values and principles.  In the CDE program, participants learn to teach in a group facilitation environment.  This includes developing a deep grasp of communication practices, which leads to a capacity to teach and discuss any of these curriculum elements.

The curriculum covers the B3M coaching model in depth.  Participants build in their existing skills with refinement to mastery level on becoming, both, a B3M coach and facilitator.

  • As a coach – model the practices of coaching, how to move from B3M reflection questions to vision to current reality to action steps; done via demonstration and instruction the coaching model framework in classroom setting (working with individuals)

  • As a group facilitator – learn the B3M facilitation model; use format developed by CDI (class agenda, check in model, grounding practice, following recipe on leading a group in process, presenting curriculum )