Beth Walz Davis, End of Life Doula

Beth Walz Davis.jpg

Service Area: Sioux Falls, SD and surrounding area

Contact: 605-351-1345

Beth has been a companion to dying family members for years. Upon retirement, December of 2017, she immediately began volunteering at the local hospice house where she often engaged residents and families in meaningful conversations about their experiences. In November, 2018, she was introduced to the role of an End of Life/Death Doula. Beth completed her certification in the Spring of 2019, and is building a doula practice.

Services Provided:

• Explains his/her services and choices available to the person and family 
• Develops a plan for remaining days, vigil, and after death 
• Is a resource, advocate, and support to fulfilling the plan. Which may include: 
o Assures loved ones of normal physical, spiritual, and emotional changes 
o Hands-on comforting care, non-medical care 
o Brings loving and practical care during the family’s long days 
o Meditative presence within beliefs and practices of the person and the family 
o After death care, rituals, and honorable removal of body 
o Links and connects professionals and services to fulfill plan 
o Holds space for family dynamics, grief, forgiveness 
• Life Review, Reflection, Legacy, Story Telling 
• Provides 24-hour attendance at time of vigil