Tarron Estes, End of Life Doula, Family Coach, and Best Life Care Planning Guide

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  • Contact: 303-440-8018

  • Tarron@consciousdyinginstitute.com

  • Service Area: Boulder/Nashville

Type of services:  Fee for Services and sliding scale available

1.       Before During and After Death Care

2.       Onsite in home, hospital, nursing home visits

3.       Conference and Skype calls

  • Best Life Care Planning, Coaching, Consultation with family, healthcare team, patient

  • Family Care/ Emotional Completion Coaching Sessions

  • Doula Vigil Team for last days or weeks of life

What I’d like you to know about me: I believe it is possible to have a beautiful death no matter what your beliefs, no matter where or who you are, no matter what your choices are for treatment or care.

There are many ways that I may be able to assist you and your family to expand healing comforting care options and create rich beautiful moments during this vulnerable yet transformational time of life. 

I believe that this time is like no other, and we are all deserving of the human care and professional support we need to access and utilize the time of death and the transformational healing potential inherent in this last great life passage.

As a professional coach, healing artist, and counselor for 30 years, I am a very good listener and guide. During my life, I have worked with many people and families facing major transitions, critical illness and death. My care experience includes working with life limiting illnesses ranging from terminal cancer, Parkinson’s, dementia, stroke, heart attack, suicide, and old age.

There have been instances when I have been called to work with families a death, supporting them to reach closure and completion when they were absent or when the death was sudden or had not been easy.

My strong preference and calling is to work with the whole family within a timeframe of at least three months. But I will show up anytime for care and tending during the final days or hours of life.

If desired, I will bring care to the whole family no matter where they live, so that there is healing and peace. I will help create a Best Life Care plan to support the end of life wishes of the person passing that takes into account all involved. 

I will do my best to demystify the stages of the dying process; I will help you create a healing environment; provide emotional and spiritual support; understand and help you receive the care you say want and need; support your family and you during intense emotional energies of grief, anger, shock; do my best to collaborate with your medical team to reduce stress and burn out; and bring comfort to your physical body through alternative care options.

I will provide a 24 hour Vigil Doula Care Team to support you and to ensure that the passage attended beautifully by Doula’s who know this journey and can support you to feel safe and loved through the end.  Some of my care could include:

o    Forgiveness practices, emotional release, and grief support

o    Aromatherapy, singing bowls, healing touch, adult holding, threshold choir

o    Deep relaxation and practices for letting go

o    Healing food, nourishment options and care during withdrawal of food

o    Supporting subtle life energies during the waiting time and time of crossing over

o    Validation of unexplainable events and mysteries

o    After Death Rituals and care for the body with family participation

It is important to me that you know I travel frequently due to my work as the Director of the Conscious Dying Institute and a Doula team will always be with you even though I may not.

It would be my honor to serve you, Tarron Estes