Kathy Bates, BS GMHS


Service area: Seattle, Bellevue and South Snohomish County

Contact: 206-636-5139


Website: www.compassionateendoflifedoula.com

Kathy is a recently retired social worker who after 40 years plus in health care is compelled to follow her heart to provide sacred end of life care and support. Her work is person centered and family oriented to guide and support this last phase of life.Kathy's purpose is to raise conscious awareness, demystify the stages of the dying process and provide emotional, spiritual and psychological support. Being present at the bedside so no one dies alone is at the heart of her work as an End of Life Doula.
Kathy is available for community education and informational speaking engagements. She is passionate about educating others especially families and health care providers in having difficult conversations and the benefits of End of Life Doula services.

Services Offered:

  • Education, Information and Resources

  • Life review, reflection and legacy support

  • Facilitate end of life planning & Best 3 Months Vision Map

  • Mediation and advocacy so your wishes are honored

  • Healing unresolved loss and grief

  • Guided meditation for pain and relaxation

  • Lifting the burden of the heart and easing family dynamics

  • Creating sacred space as you & your loved ones face death

  • Bereavement support