Kerry Arquette, Death Doula/Midwife


Service area: Denver-Metro and Jefferson, Fairplay, Breckenridge and Alma

Contact: 303-887-4654

Fear, I believe, is worse than death. Most people in our culture, even the most courageous or devout, come face-to-face with death feeling terrified. What if we could change the way we approach death? What if we could bring it out of the dark scary place and into the light where we could hold honest conversations about what death means, how it happens, how to be ready for it, and how to move through it with grace? What if the dying and their families could turn to trained individuals who are called from deep within to help the dying and their families? I have been called, and I want to help support those who wish me to be a part of the transition of the dying.

The task of dying often begins months before one is ready to release the body. Those months offer a valuable opportunity to prepare the dying to pass out of the body. They can, and should, also be some of the best-lived, richest months of a person’s life. As a death doula, I can help with that proposition. I can also facilitate communication among family members, demystify the stages of dying, reduce stress through journaling, meditation, breath work, visualization, gentle yoga, healing touch, aromatherapy, and other modalities. In addition, I can show families how to support their loved one through the dying process.

I am a certified death doula and yoga teacher. I’ve worked extensively with the Denver Police Department in the Victim’s Unit, where I have responded to people in traumatic situations, including homicide, suicide, rape, domestic violence, and violent and sudden death. I have suffered my own losses and understand how vulnerable, confused, and inadequate so many of us feel when facing the unimaginable.

I offer you my hand and my help. You are not alone. I will stand beside you. We will do this together.

Services Offered:

  • Death Doula/Midwife

  • Meditation

  • Guided Visual Meditation

  • Prayer, Yoga

  • Emotional Support for the dying and their support persons

  • Facilitation of the Best 3 Months Program.

No fees associated