Jill Coughlin, End of Life Doula

Service Area: Denver West; Evergreen, Conifer, Lakewood, Golden

Contact: 720-289-8875


Website: www.attheendofthedaymemorial.com

If death is knocking at your door or someone you know … that first look through the peep-hole can be an overwhelming wave of emotions, uncertainty, decisions and physical challenges. Wouldn’t you like to pause to explore and understand more about this final and sacred part of life?  Are you finding you have more questions than answers? Maybe you want to include your intentions as part of your estate plan or perhaps you want to provide deep, heartfelt care for your loved one prior to their death and thereafter?

At The End of the Day, LLC provides open conversation, strong connection with family and respect for the process of dying and all that it brings. Is your family aware of your wants and needs for your last months and hours? Do you know how to say goodbye? There are many things to talk about and explore, including the actual dying process; and the mysteries and miracles that often occur as you complete your last rite of passage.

It would be my honor to serve you and your family. During our time together, we will seek out your thoughts, beliefs and wishes for this part of life. What we turn up will transfer into a detailed vigil plan including your sacred space and a detailed final ceremony outlined to address realistic decisions - both useful to you and your family as you walk this journey.    

My mission is that when we our work is finished you will be equipped to experience your death (whenever that moment comes) based on your wishes and that your family is allowed to fully grieve without the distraction of looming decisions. When the final marking of a life is well planned and easily executed at the appropriate time for the family, my work is done.

When you are ready, we will open the door together.