Julie Freed, End of Life Doula

Julie Freed.jpg

Service Area: Ashland, Oregon

Contact: 541-621-9400


Website: www.juliebfreed.com

In some ways, death has been her companion her entire life as her sister died 12 days before she was born. She was two years old. Julie’s life has been a journey through many therapies, starting at the tender age of nine. Looking back, she sees that she has always been traversing this blessed path of her sister’s death as it has shown up in different disguises. Most recently through her dreams, she has been led back to this, her first and most original calling.

Julie has come to understand her mother’s pain and suffering, who lost one baby daughter only to birth another days later. She has come to honor her sister’s short life on this earth as she has led Julie through the wild nature of grief and loss. Most importantly, she has come to understand that by embracing her pain, she is able to turn what she has gained throughout her life and trainings into an offering to those who may benefit. It rings true that where our wounds lie, so lies our most precious gifts.

With a bow to the Mystery, to the beauty and pain that our lives bring, Julie offers herself to those that feel called. Besides sacred end of life care and planning, Julie offers constellation circles, dream tending, nutritional support, breath work, meditation and gentle yoga.