Aneesha Dillon, End of Life Doula

Services Provided:

  • Counseling for the patient and the family as preparation for their Sacred Passage Journey, using the “Best Life Care Vision Map for Best/Last Three Months of Life” to envision and support end of life wishes.

  • Conscious touch and music

  • Vigil support

  • Classes and Sessions in Transformational Ageing

I have worked for over 40 years as a Reichian Healer and Teacher, and spent as many years practicing meditation. These experiences have grown in me an inner depth and emotional wisdom, and prepared me to support people in body/mind, heart, and spirit as they approach their time of leaving the body. I want to bring comfort and compassion to their bedside…in silence, in joy, in grace. 

It is a gift and an honor to serve in this way as a Sacred Passage Doula.

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