Heather MacLeod, End of Life Doula


Service Area: Powell River, Sunshine Coast

Contact: 604-578-0303


As an End of Life Doula, Heather is available to support you and your family through planning and organizing all your end of life desires and wishes with a holistic healing approach. We plan months in advance for weddings, holidays and babies, but when it comes to our last months, weeks and days of life, it can be a confusingly anxious, disorganized and heartbreaking time. Planning ahead allows for the conversation to begin and be shared with family members and friends so there is no misunderstanding and everyone feels heard and loved. Heather will walk you through the Best 3 Months, Vigil of last days, ceremony and grief support, before/during/after death. Heather offers a free one-hour consultation to be sure your questions and concerns are answered as completely as possible.

Services Offered:

  • Best 3 Months Vision Map Planning

  • 3 Day Vigil at End of Life

  • Grief Support

  • Anointing Ceremony

  • After Death support for Families