Lena Wenzel, End of Life Guide


Service area: Greater Denver and surrounding area

Contact: 303-507-4352


Lena is a native of Colorado with a diverse and rich background, from design and architecture to senior care to the love of teaching health, fitness and serving in the Peace Corps. She came to Doula work having a profound experience with her grandparents during their transitional end of life care. During her Peace Corps service, she was interested in how other cultures view and value dying as an integral part of everyday life.
From these unique experiences, Lena embraces living including the dying process. As life is constantly shifting and evolving, she focuses and dedicates herself to building authentic connections with others. These contributions and engagement in service shape the way she walks with others in their individualized end-of-life evolution. As fears drop away, as a transition coach she can support families and individuals in their acceptance and sometimes beauty of death. Lena believes working with the dying, as a witness to what is unfolding, is a great honor, privilege and a deeply sacred calling.

Services provided:  

  • End of Life Care Coaching/Planning

  • Navigating obstacles

  • Legacy Projects

  • Grief Support

  • Sacred Passage Vigil

  • Comfort Touch

  • After death celebration/ceremony

  • Family one-on-one and/or group support

  • Meditation


  • End of Life Doula

  • Yoga Practitioner/Meditation Instructor

  • Returned Peace Corps Volunteer

  • Hospice Volunteer

  • Senior Advocate (specializing in all levels of care)

Website: fullcircleendoflifecare.com