Mitzy D. Flores, End of Life Doula, RN


Service Area: Las Vegas, Nevada, Spokane, Washington, Miami, Florida and surrounding areas.

Contact: 786-566-3859

My name is Mitzy D. Flores. I was born in Central America but grew up in Miami, Florida. I have a strong connection with the ocean, the sun, and sea and I believe that comes from my love of all things aquatic.

I received my nursing education and training in Florida, but have resided in diverse cities across the country. As a nursing clinician, my focus has been various in areas of critical care, oncology, community nursing and nursing education. Nursing passion means many things to many people. For me, nursing is the deep experiences and connections made with others.

As such, I embrace cultures through the lives of others. Foods, customs, rituals, scents and stories are foundational for me to acknowledge and understand what is of significance to families during the darkest of times. And as a sacred passage doula, I assist in bringing all those elements forward to assist person and family during the death and dying process, with love and compassion.

For me nursing is an experience, a journey in which you will be well versed and you will be humbled. Nursing is not simply the skills to improve health. Nursing is the act of nourishing the soul, the body, the environment, and the transformation.

Services offered (with sliding scale available):

  • Before, During and After Death Care

  • Onsite in home, hospital, nursing home visits

  • Conference calls, video chats, facetime

  • Best Life Care Planning, Coaching, Consultation with family, healthcare team, patient

  • Family Care/ Emotional Completion Coaching Sessions

  • Doula Vigil Team for last days of life

It would be an honor to be part of this journey with you and your family member.

With much love,