Anne M. Gallagher, Certified Sacred Passage Guide & End of Life Doula, Licensed RN


Services provided: Best 3 Months of life care planning and coaching

I have been a nurse for 40 years and very often been on the bridge between life and death.  I spent a year working in Haiti and was able to accompany many people as they died in the hospital that year.  I had the privilege of being present for my grandfather’s wake and funeral in Ireland and learned so much from my family’s touch and love of my grandfather’s body.  Later, my own father and others reported how his mother appeared to be younger each day after her death on her 4 day wake in Ireland, and I believe that is a physical sign of the new life that continues after our bodily death.  My siblings and I had the blessing to accompany my parents on their final earthly journey, and they both had beautiful, peaceful deaths. 

Though I work as a nurse in Labor and Delivery, we have mothers and families who have the grief of their child born dead or who dies shortly after birth, and I have accompanied these brave parents on this part of their journey.   I strive to live consciously, and believe that an awareness of death makes each moment and day of life more precious.  I have dedicated to personal growth work, conscious living and experiential learning and value the power of rituals.  I have studied, experienced and come to respect and honor world religions on yearly spiritual pilgrimages.  

As a certified End of Life Doula through the Conscious Dying Institute, I am honored to bring my gifts and experience to the work of“returning death to its sacred place in the beauty, mystery,  and celebration of life,” much as I worked as a midwife to claim birth as a sacrament, and not a medical event.

I am well trained, experienced and able to accompany those dying and their families on this journey of transformation so that they approach the finish line of the great race of human life with a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, gratitude and wonder.

List licenses and certificates:  Licensed RN, Certified Sacred Passage Guide & End of Life Doula.  Graduate certificates in Social & Emotional Intelligence, and Transformational Coaching.