Helen Kunz, Sacred Passage End of Life Doula

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Service Area: Durango, CO and the Four Corners

Contact: 970 382 9317


When you or a loved one is confronted with a terminal diagnosis, as we all will be one day, there is a broad spectrum of things that must be done. As a Doula I will be here to assist you and your family to meet these challenges in all domains of your life, ranging from the practical to the spiritual, so that your final days may be spent the way you would wish.

Services Offered

  • Creating a plan and road map for the Best three months possible.

  • De-mystifying the dying process through compassionate communication.

  • Creating emotional support for you and your family.

  • Providing practical guidance for end of life to ensure completion and a graceful transition.

  • Meditation and spiritual discussion in accordance with your beliefs.

  • Keeping Vigil, no one dies alone.