Katharine Gates, Sacred Passage Doula & End of Life Planner

Katharine Gates.jpeg

Service Area: Sante Fe, NM & Los Angeles, CA

Contact: 505-410-1007


In 2005, personal losses and illness inspired Katharine to investigate alternative healing modalities, which led to her certifications in Reiki and a variety of transformative energy healing techniques. In doing so, she found her path and transitioned from the corporate world to the world of healing arts to help her new client base with their health and wellness.

In 2015 Katharine’s mother was diagnosed with dementia, and she stepped in to manage the care and oversight of her business, medical and practical life matters. This personal experience led her to the Conscious Dying Institute in Boulder, CO where she earned the Sacred Passage: End of Life Death Doula Certificate. 

With planning, thoughtful care and guidance, she believes our dying process can be as beautiful and celebrated as all the other life milestones we honor. She is dedicated to educating elders and their loved ones in the final human experience and the dying process. She works with her clients to explore options for the best months, weeks, and days remaining, as well as post-death considerations to create a plan that best serves the client in the five realms of their own experience: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and practical. Her work also includes guidance in the importance and use of legal instruments to ensure the wishes of the individual and of loved ones are duly considered and respected.


  • Certified Sacred Passage: End of Life Doula  

  • Best 3 Months Planning

  • Universal Life Church Minister

  • Reiki Master

  • Oneness Blessing Giver