Kristie Zahn | Sacred Passage Doula, BCC Chaplain, Life Coach, & Spirit Walker

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Service Area: Southeastern WI & Northern IL

Contact: 262-994-6050

My life journey has been a rich curriculum of life experiences of "deaths and rebirths", as I have journeyed through physical challenges to becoming fully enabled and empowered today, through career reinvention from a business executive to a Spiritual Care Specialist/Chaplain, to embracing work as a Sacred Passage Doula. My healing journey, my NDE, and the lessons learned have given me unique insight into dimensions of the Divine Mystery, have enabled me with an intuitive wisdom that inspires me with courage, gentle curiosity and kindness. As I have walked with elders on the shamanic path, I know the power that I carry with my medicine of courage, compassion, and wisdom. I feel called to be of service to bring light and healing to those I meet with love and spiritual presence. I bring to my work the yin and yang of pragmatic realism with dimensions of the human/spiritual experiences that acknowledge mysteries and unexplained events. Each person has a story. Life is a journey. I will meet you where you are at, and we will walk in the wilderness together: authentic, vulnerable and fearless..

Services Offered

  • Life Coaching using CDI's Best Three Months

  • Mindfulness and Meditation Coaching

  • Group Facilitation

  • Vigil Ceremony/Ritual using Faith Traditions and/or Indigenous Spiritual Practices

  • Funeral Celebrant

  • Grief Processing, Coaching & Group Support


  • Mind: Graduated with a MBA, & M.A. in Religious Studies; Credentialed Life Coach/CoachU; Board Certified Chaplain; RTS Bereavement Counselor; Grief Management Training; Mindfulness & Meditation teacher.

  • Body: Reiki Master, Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, 1 year in wheel chair (now walking) years of personal experience with traditional & alternative occupational & physical therapies using mindfulness/meditation techniques to compliment various hands on healing techniques.

  • Spirit: BCC Chaplain, Shamanic Practitioner credentialed thru the Foundation of Shamanic Studies (FSS) advanced program of study; Credentialed Mindfulness/Meditation teacher, Time in training/ceremony with elders in Peru, Native American tribes in WI; Informed by Sacred Plant Medicine in ceremony and personal NDE.