The Conscious Dying Institute provides end-of-life training, certificate programs, and continuing education in palliative care for nurses, physicians, clinicians and caregivers.  Teresa Head – R.N. Palliative Care Nursing Director, Kaiser Permanente expresses “it makes me feel so much better about being alive right now” and so much more.

Tarron Estes’ work on Conscious Dying and End of Life Doulas is worthy of exploration. Her work intentionally is inclusive of nurses, physicians, PAs, administrators and many many more. I have completed the first phase of this work – transformational.  ~Neal Rosenburg, PhD, RN, Dean and Professor, College of Health Professions McAuley School of Nursing - January 25, 2018

This program has been life changing, as I am sure that is how most would describe it and you hear that frequently. I was brought to this place of belonging, acceptance and love and was placed with a group of women who really saw me for who I was. They saw gifts in me I was unsure of and didn't feed because I just figured I was the "weird one." Their reflection, support and encouragement has given me a voice and the strength I needed to be free to do my life's work. This training has validated what I have already been doing innately for a very long time but provided tools and insight to take it a step further in addition to connecting to an amazing community.   Elizabeth Green, Asheville, NC February 2018

I just wanted to share that with you and extend my deep gratitude to you, Greg, Trish and every amazing person who was involved in creating this program, from the location, accommodations, food, space/environment, content, teachings and unspoken words, that have filled me.

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At Suncrest Hospice, we are fortunate to have worked with graduates of the Conscious Dying Institute and are honored to have them on our team. These individuals have shown nothing but greatness and have exemplified a profound knowledge of death and dying. It is evident that the high distinction of CDI attracts compassionate people as incoming students, and it can also be said that, upon completion of the program, a wonderful light is instilled in its graduates: a light that glows bright on a subject some may perceive as a “dark” part of life. With this light, the end of life can be viewed with a calming and loving sense of beauty. Suncrest Hospice, Denver, CO   January 2018
Obtaining my certification as a Sacred Passage Doula through the Conscious Dying Institute was personally and professionally transformative. Having never been introduced to the field of Death and Dying and just taking a “leap”, it opened my heart and mind to very sacred and special work.  My goal at the end of April ’17 when I finished the program was to volunteer at a hospice and sit with a dying person by July ’17.  Goal accomplished!   In September I was hired by Suncrest Hospice as a bereavement counselor.  The learnings from the Sacred Passage Doula training are invaluable in my work daily.- Beth Palent-Saper

"I learned why I’m so attracted to the passage of death.  You did a great job of showing how sacred this passage can be.  I really really appreciated material that you gave – even if we didn’t have enough time to integrate. Training needs to be longer. To explore death and dying in a community – to get a broader perspective on rituals and rites of passage – to explore what it means to be a doula if a profound life-changing experience."  Graduate Fall Class 2016

"Lasting impressions: immediately felt cohesion upon entering the room – feel that lasting relationships will be made.  Greatly appreciated breakdown of 5 days by domain.   Loved the panel discussions and Mars.  Felt this added information and broke up the days very effectively. Gained Greater knowledge in a myriad of ways.  Structures that help me think about issues related to death in a helpful, focused way.  The ability to say yes or not to items for the constellation of services that I have in mind for the larger population. Learned: networking matters; It is helpful to try to mimic experiences related to death as a way to move forward; grounding is essential – ways to do it; endings are important and how; this is a conclusion: services can start early, planning really helps, probably helps to spread the word and gives more opportunity for service at the end." Graduate of the 2016 Fall Class

"Biggest area of professional growth was understanding how important ceremony and ritual is for me as an individual and a doula.  Also – all the discussion about what our doulaship is going to look like and what actual steps we will take to help our vision come to fruition was enormously helpful.  I learned wholeheartedly the mission of a SPG; I learned that part – a huge part of my role will be outreach; I learned that my gifts took intentions and sacred awareness s what makes me the doula I want to become; I loved all the teachings around vigil, the doula panel and after death care, and grief gates. Because I am drawn to death, the sacredness of it and my own sacred selfishness urges me to – I want to serve as a source of education, companionship and ceremonialist – a sacred passage guide for those who are dying and their families. Comfort care for me is about paying attention to the needs of the client – making sure that I am present, conscious and kind, attending to their dying as a sacred practice.  Supporting their needs".  Graduate of2016

"I loved every minute of this certification; I’ve appreciated so much the teachers, especially Greg, Marilyn – who have been tremendous in sharing their experiences, wisdom and knowledge.  Thank you Tarron for bringing this language and this sacred right to us, and giving us the opportunity to share it."  Graduate of the Fall 2016

Just finished reading your ’Practice for Death‘ and found it to be the most meaningful and comforting expression about death and dying that I have encountered. Drew Feda
Thank you all for such a generous, beautiful experience! I’m overwhelmed still. All my love, Kelly

The center leads to love.
Soul opens the creation core.

Hold on to your particular pain.
That too can take you to God.
— See more from Kelly's 2015 graduating class......Kelly S - May 2015
I had the privilege of attending a series of weekly afternoon meetings facilitated by Tarron Estes. From the opening session, it was quite apparent that she was a most skillful, experienced, and very talented facilitator. She took death, a highly avoided and circumspect topic in our culture, and turned it quickly into a commonplace and comfortable arena, while leading us through a plethora of related topics with ramifications and consequences of our individual and cultural denial of this topic. She has a substantial reserve of learning materials and aids that she has been collecting over the years. She demonstrated a substantial understanding of the pioneers and leaders in this field and was able to pass to us stories of her encounters and work with these individuals. Through the stories and use of these materials, she was able to alchemically turn our fear and denial into compassion and understanding befitting the wisdom of elders in a culture in which death is intricately interwoven with all the elements of the human journey.
— Ged Thompson, Owner of Dignity Care in Boulder, Colorado
Thank you for your immediate and priceless help in connecting with Tarron Estes in Boulder last year, when I learned that mom had breast cancer. Tarron was and is a godsend. She helped our family come together with mom to really listen and sit with her feelings and decision to not pursue aggressive western medical treatment. It was so important to have those honest, heart-based conversations.....we literally brought in both heart math and caritas principles and practices to our discussions as a family. We could not have remained grounded, open, vulnerable, loving yet strong enough to support mom in this decision w/o those principles...and without Tarron’s steady compassion, throughout.
— Mike O’Niel of Healthcare Bluebook in Nashville, Tennessee
At the Watson Caring Summer Institute, I attended a conference on death and dying.  The best take-away was the experience with Tarron Estes, founder of Elderspa. She brought us through death in a dignified way. We practiced dying with a meditation. All the nurses worked one-on-one. We created a sacred space. The person going through the death experience chose three affirmations they wanted me to read. Some examples: ‘I’m meeting my Creator.” “I’m going to the light.” “I’m letting go of all earthy burdens.” In this experience, I actually left,” said Diane, experiencing what it was like to let go.  I was a bird flying over the ocean, completely free. I realized death can be beautiful.  Now when I’m with people who are dying or family members, I’m not exuding fear.  I feel “how can I assist you?  What can we help you with?” Heart-centered communication and compassion. Letting go the fear of death.
— Diane and Donna, eldercare nurses
I fully trust [Tarron], which says a lot, as I’m a skeptic. I met her at the Spa Nights I’ve been going to – an exceptional group of women that are doing amazing things in our community. She’s very well regarded among the group and beyond for her work. I just like her as a person. Sitting down with her in my session was like sitting with an old friend. She’s so easy to connect with and extremely intuitive.
— Marcie Goldman
Tarron’s dream work is truly eye-opening, inspiring, and deeply insightful. My life, both waking and sleeping, has been enriched with a deeper resonance and understanding of my dreams and their import in my life. In her group work, she creates an environment where we all learn from each other’s dreams, while offering numerous techniques for self-investigation. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her!
— Elisabeth Thomas
A few weeks ago you resent me the link so I could listen to the Caritas Communication Webinar with Tarron Estes and Jan Anderson, Watson Caring Science Institute Faculty. I have finally made time to sit down and listen to it this morning, and I am so happy that I did. The topic is absolutely important for all people to understand as we all interact with each other in our workplaces, our homes, in community, and the world and universe. I wish everyone had the opportunity to see this webinar!!! Caritas Communication is of course deeply crucial to the healing work that we do as nurses and I think the topic should always be especially highlighted in the CCEP to help Coaches develop their Caritas Communication skills as well as have this reinforcement and reminder of how much of an impact their Caritas communication influences the field/environment and contributes to a higher, Caritas consciousness. My one word for how I felt at the end is.... inspired.
— Natalie Lawrence