Conscious Dying Education

Conscious Dying Education is palliative in nature. It is the country's only end of life education program that improves end of life care by transforming the lives of caregivers. This education is for anyone who cares, loves, and serves at end of life.

Our educational programs include content from evidence-informed complementary palliative therapy practices such as aromatherapy, therapeutic touch, guided imagery; transformational wisdom-based healing modalities in 5 domains of life including forgiveness, authentic listening/responding/inquiry, emotional completion, adult holding, awareness of spiritual and cultural beliefs and practices, and after death attendance, rituals, and family completion.

Students are grounded in Conscious Dying Theory, Principles and Practices along with classic and current teachers and their bodies of work.

Who Benefits?

Our programs enrich the lives of frontline clinicians, hospital staff and leaders, nursing home and home caregivers, as well as families, volunteers, seniors, and friends of those who are dying. 

Outcomes of this education:

  • Shifts curative care to healing care
  • Transforms physical exhaustion to vitality 
  • Reshapes challenging topics into confidently supported conversations 
  • Molds unexpressed wishes to beauty-filled visions and Best Life Care plans 
  • Recasts unspoken feelings into life satisfaction and completion

Benefits to Participants:

  • 24 Continuing Education Credits
  • Mastery in one to one and group communication processes
  • Increased empathy, compassion, and self awareness
  • Increased conversational confidence about the dying process
  • Restoration, Nourishment, Re-newal
  • Ability to utilize Practices for Death
  • Ability to actualize the 10 Conscious Dying Principles
  • Sacred Passage Guidance Certificate
  • Sacred Passage Guidance Teacher Certificate

Mature understanding and use of Conscious Dying Principles©

  1.  Increase beauty, pleasure, contentment
  2.  Provide emotional and spiritual support
  3.  Initiate conversations about dying process
  4.  Practice Self Care to reduce burnout and emotional fatigue
  5.  Demystify the stages of the dying process
  6.  Acknowledge mysteries, miracles and unexplained events
  7.  Learn how to be with intense emotions
  8.  Honor other’s beliefs~Stay true to your own
  9.  Be a Steward of conscious deaths
  10.  Attend at bedside~No one dies alone

The deeply moving nature of our programs penetrates personal fears and unexpressed feelings of each participant, promoting a thorough investigation and plan for end of life wishes and care choices. 

Together, we regain a heart-centered connection to our role as healing agents. This life-changing education increases confidence as Sacred Passage Guides, caregivers who create compassionate and honest conversations and deliver heart-centered, palliative hands-on care.

Caring Science Conscious Dying Programs

A Primary Palliative Care Initiative for front line clinicians

Caring Science Conscious Dying program (CSCD) increases the number of patients receiving palliative care in all health care settings by training frontline clinicians in a primary palliative care delivery model. CSCD is an end of life cultural transformation program that prepares primary care clinical staff and caregivers to:

1. Administer complimentary palliative therapies at bedside increasing quality of life and patient satisfaction
2. Support and increase the effective work of traditional hospital based Palliative Care teams
3. Initiate conversations regarding care options leading to a Palliative Care consult (at patient’s request)
4. Improve continuity of patient care by completing a patient assessment that would:

  • Determine the patients’ desires and wishes for care
  • Assess their health status (based on criteria such as age, condition and likely hood of re-admission)
  • Trigger contact with admission and discharge planning
  • Place patient in appropriate post acute care setting in the community such as hospice or home care
  • Improve continuity of patient care by allowing all clinicians and parties involved to act on behalf of the patient in a timely manner decreasing hospital readmission/increasing patient satisfaction

The CSCD creates partnership with health care systems to train their frontline clinicians and caregivers from chosen departments within a variety of care settings including home care, hospice, hospitals, and continuum of care. These frontline clinicians and other health care workers (such as discharge/admissions planners/traditional Palliative Care team members) receive a 3 day onsite training in CSCD’s primary palliative care practice model. The 3 day onsite delivery format can be customized to accommodate system needs including virtual learning when necessary and appropriate.

CSCD is a collaborative partnership between Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI) and Conscious Dying Institute. It prepares primary clinical staff to implement complimentary palliative therapies and engage in authentic caring communication with patients and families nearing end of life. Intended for all clinical staff, CSCD improves bedside nursing’s contribution to patient and family satisfaction beyond and including palliative teams and hospice care. Though the area of focus is end of life, CSCD graduates will be able to deliver palliative therapies to all patients, regardless of health status, increasing the number of patients receiving palliative care in hospitals.