Claudette Bouchard, Teaching Assistant

claudette bouchard.jpg


I have experienced many deaths in my family over the years and death especially hit me when three dear friends died one after the other close together. I felt numb, withdrawn and hurt which influenced my decision to work with and care for the dying.

I’ve been a Sacred Passage Doula for four years attending and assisting End of Life trainings consistently during those four years. My experience has covered 

- keeping vigil 

- working with the dying for the last three months of their life, nurturing them emotionally and spiritually

- helping the family prepare for the death of their loved ones by keeping vigil, creating a sacred environment, providing music, oils, washing the body and liaising with the funeral home

The changes I hope to influence through my work is to bring the conversation of Death and Dying out in the open and make it a natural topic in the home. Encourage children to speak on the subject and feel safe to explore their curiosity.  As an Educator, I want to teach people of the possibilities to create a good death.  Be aware of fear and speak to it.  Create opportunities for people in my community to come together to support one another in honoring the End of Life moments.