Ewa Rajtar, Program Director and Registrar


Contact: ewa@consciousdyinginstitute.com

Ewa once had a strong and stable ally in this world. She lived by the creek and went by the name of Tree. The moment she started to hear shouting echo down the halls of her home, her six-year-old self took off to the creek just minutes from her home. There she took refuge in Tree's branches, climbing as high as she cared to. Tree rocked Ewa in her rough arms, and Ewa, cradled in safety, whispered her troubles into Tree's grooved bark and dancing leaves and cried until she had nothing left in her. Tree consoled Ewa in a secret language only known to the two of them, though the wisdom of that kind of communication had left Ewa's conscious memory long ago.

One day, Ewa went to visit Tree but instead found all sorts of machinery invading the creek and surrounding fields. Tree was nowhere in sight; she had been torn down to reroute the creek.

This was the first time that Ewa had a vivid, felt experience with death; it felt like soul loss. Her sobs spilled upon the vacant land and the magic of childhood was suddenly gone. No one could understand this kind of loss. It was just a tree. She felt she had to hide her grief and went through life living as though behind a wall of glass. Numbness became her new friend.

As an adult and having worked with elders in nursing homes and living assisted units specializing in Alzheimer's, Ewa felt driven to unearth her calling as a healer of some kind. That journey of finding meaning has taken her through different landscapes, that of the inner self, of the dreamworld, and Mother Nature herself. 

She completed her undergraduate work to receive a BA in Contemplative Psychology with an emphasis in Transpersonal & Humanistic Psychology as well as Sacred Ecology from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. While living in Boulder, she completed her training as a Sacred Passage: End of Life Doula with CDI in June of 2018. Having moved back home to Minnesota, she has completed training as a Birth Doula with Enlightened Mama as well.

Her hope is to help others resacralize their worldview, to find meaning within their experiences, and to find a new sense of wonder and magic in life's mysteries. How that may unfold is yet to be discovered. For now, Ewa enjoys being the gatekeeper of the many students who enroll with CDI to unearth their own calling as Sacred Passage Doulas.