Marie David, Director of Marketing and Business Development



Marie has served as a confident, creative and trusted professional, adept in the skills of marketings, sales, operations, strategic planning, program management, event planning, financial and business administration. With a diverse background that has encompassed the fine arts, non-profit, oil and gas, electronic engineering and light manufacturing industries her experience has created a broad knowledge base to work from. While she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, sculpting in her free time, her real education has been earned parenting her five beautiful and amazing children and supporting loved ones at the end of life.

As a part of the executive management team at CDI, Marie has contributed to the strategic and operational needs of CDI, implementing organizational platforms and systems to support the growing needs of CDI in a leadership role for programs, marketing and sales. Being a part of the Conscious Dying movement along with the extended team of Conscious Dying educators and leaders and the beautiful and amazing participants and students called to this work has been one of the most awe-inspiring journey of awakening and fulfillment.