Mitzy Flores, Faculty

Mitzy Flores.png

Mitzy has been in the medical field for a little over 18 years. She received my formal nursing education and training in Florida, but has resided in diverse cities across the country. As a nursing clinician, her practice began as a critical care nurse, then transitioned to oncology, followed by community nursing. Finally, she is practicing nursing education. Nursing passion means many things to many people. For Mitzy, nursing is the deep experiences and connections made with others. She began her career saving lives, then moved on to assisting others with life changes.  Finally, she transitioned to embracing the stories about the lives lived. 

One of the most important aspects for Mitzy is embracing cultures through the lives of others. Foods, customs, rituals, scents and stories are foundational for her when acknowledging and understanding the death and dying process within families. As a sacred passage doula, she assists in bringing all those elements forward to assist person and family during the transition moments of life and death, with love and compassion.

For her nursing is an experience, a journey in which you will be well versed and you will be humbled. Nursing is not simply the skills to improve health. Nursing is the act of nourishing the soul, the body, the environment, and the transformation. As a doula, it is an honor to hold space for the narratives that will live on in the minds and hearts of all those that are willing to listen.