Tarron Estes, Founder


Contact: tarron@consciousdyinginstitute.com

Tarron grew up seeing and knowing death She became as comfortable with this passage as sitting on a swing outside. Something about this made her want to know life and dig into what it means to pass through suffering and come back with a gift in her heart. Something in her wanted to know how to turn this dying she had seen and the care surrounding it into something as precious as gold. And to bring it back to share with others. It is a blessing to give back what she has been given, guided by teachers whose souls and hearts and brilliant human caring healing gifts taught her everything she needed to remember about who she is and what she came to this earth to do. 

This alchemy, this giving back, is now her work.

Tarron lives in Boulder, Colorado where she hikes, bikes, writes, designs, collaborates and cooks up fun things with people she loves. She feels passion in her heart for the work she does and the people she touches. Her joy is supporting the unfolding of authentic presence and innate healing gifts of others whose desire is to give back and serve at end of life.