Greg Lathrop

Greg Lanthrop.jpeg

Gregory Lathrop is licensed as a registered nurse.  Greg’s nursing experience of over 35 years has included acute care, critical care, emergency care, air-medical transport, hospice care and integrative healthcare.   Greg and his patient were recently interviewed by BBC News about the experience of engaging the "Best 3 Months -  End Of Life Coaching And Care Planning Process" - you can listen to the interview here.

In his private practice as a Holistic Nursing Specialist he honors the principles of conscious dying as Sacred Passage Doula, focusing on care of the dying in the home environment. Reinforcing the plan of care established by Hospice, his goal is to demystify the stages of the dying process, increase beauty, pleasure and contentment, provide emotional and spiritual support and engage in conversations about dying while acknowledging the mysteries and miracles during this sacred time.

Through teaching, coaching and assistance with personal care, his goal is to cultivate easewith client and family during a time which can often feel very uneasy. In his experience, integrating holistic therapies such as Healing Touch, Guided Imagery, Aromatherapy, Music and simple relaxing massage, among others, can greatly enhance a sense of well-being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

His practice also includes Licensure as HeartMath Coach and Certification as HeartMath Trainerreinforcing the principles of HeartMath related to self-regulation, resilience and optimal function.

In addition to this experience, Greg accepted the opportunity to study Traditional Indigenous Medicine for over 13 years with his late “teacher” Will Rockingbear, because of a profound sense of the power of ceremony in the path of the sacred in being with dying. An embodiment of these teachings; “I would prefer that you don’t just take care of me. I would rather that you Love me.” 

He is an accomplished Musician and Native Flautist.