Our wonderful Phase 1 graduates of the Sacred Passage Doula Certification program warmed our hearts with poems and beautiful expressions of their experience.  This post and page is a thank you!

From Kelly S - May 2015

Thank you all for such a generous, beautiful experience!  
I'm overwhelmed still.  All my love, Kelly

The center leads to love.
Soul opens the creation core.

Hold on to your particular pain.
That too can take you to God.

From Siobhan A - May 2015 

So sweet to read through all the emails, the threads that continue to weave us together.  I wanted to share the lyrics to the song I sang on the last day.  You can probably find the melody on YouTube if you would like to learn it, but if not, just call me!  
Oh Love (death, birth, life) prepare me
To be a sanctuary
Pure and Holy
Tried and True

And in thanksgiving
I will be a living
For you

Much love, and I thank and bow to each of you for your generous and couragous hearts as you embark on this journey into the land of Lady Death.  

From Rachel M - May 2015

Hello all.

I have to say that the conference has helped me see the importance of focusing on our death as a way to live more deeply. It's amazing how that shifts the way I look at life....

Hugs and Peace,

From Christopher S - May 2015

Thank you for that poem Tarron. Thank you for this work you are teaching. 
Here's a poem I wrote a while back that I realized could have been written about our weekend together.

Thank you for releasing so many healing tears.

Tears fall,
Relax, do not sob or fight with the flow.
Open every tightness
Let light into the dark frozen places that resist.
There is warmth and tenderness in tears,
Let this tenderness,
melt the hardness.
The softness you try to shield and hide
feels vulnerable
because life is tenuous and brief.
You know the kiss of death -
it always patiently awaits
for you to let it in.
But who is this that does the letting?
Who is the one that receives this kiss?
Breath moves through this body -
this “I” cannot stop it.
LIfe itself determines how many more times
this belly fills with invisible sustenance
and then without clinging
releases and surrenders the breath
for another to begin.
There is no celebration,
no awe or wonder at how breath continues,
but there should be.
Why should there be any clinging to a tear
as it forms in this eye,
and then trails down
this cheek?
LIfe is in this tear,
it is in the emotion,
a rising energy that this body struggles to contain.
Don’t struggle.
Something bigger than this body is moving through it
that causes the tear to form
and this breath to rise and fall.
Become this motion in the belly.
Become the energy beneath emotion that births tears.
Become the openness
in which all this is occurring.

From Shoni K - May 2015

Good Morning Tarron,

 Thank you again for the weekend. With an awareness for each of our individual needs you gracefully guided us toward new pathways.


From Jill C - May 2015

Thank you all for keeping the energy strong. This emails have been so helpful to me as I plopped back down to earth and struggle with the balance of keeping the weekend alive and taking care of business.

Listening to my heart - I shared the link to the Sophia's bath and have been coming back to that clip throughout my day. This was well received and a few "curious inquiries" about the topic. Yeah!

Wow - I should have a blog!

Blessing always in all ways to each of you. 

My world is sweeter because of each one of you.


From Tarron E - May 2015

Good morning from Boulder,

I am remembering each of you-thank you for giving your gifts to me and to all of us. 

Stay in touch through the Sacred Passage Guide Group page and post your learnings and hearts’ desires.  Here is the link to the registration page for our upcoming 5 day July 15-19th.  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sacred-passage-guidance-certificate-2015-boulder-co-tickets-14053988859

....thank you for reminding me that my poetry is appreciated and I’m sending this one to all of you from about 15 years ago. Lots of love,  Tarron

Your Willing Heart

Your willing heart
Loves different than your mind
It’s stronger
A gift
You don’t know this yet
You are free already
Beyond this world
Every passion
Exists as pure light
In the dark muscle
of your own heart
A beacon
One day you will know
And it won’t matter
The same way
It won’t split you apart
Won’t hurt so much
To hold everything
A mystery
Each burning desire
Is a star already
Lit in your soul
You cannot keep one
Or let one go
One day you will say
From inside the immutable holy cave
Of your willing heart
I am not lost
I am here
Love and
Everything out there
Inside me
Is already mine
Tarron Estes