What is a Sacred Passage Guide?

Description of a Sacred Passage Guide:

A Sacred Passage Guide is a knowledgeable, experienced, reflective human being whose presence, purpose and depth of being is grounded in love, spiritual openness, compassion, and a unitary field of consciousness.

A Sacred Passage Guide is one who can skillfully practice these qualities as an end of life companion for all people regardless of health status in any home or health care setting without the need for hospice or palliative care referral.

A Sacred Passage Guide (SPG) is prepared and committed to transformation and healing in all domains of life:  spiritual, emotional, psychological, practical and physical. A SPG has developed his/her own Vision Map for Best Life Care – a care planning tool for the last 3 months in all domains of life. Developing this tool increases their self-knowledge, self-healing and ability to create end of life care plans and care and healing to others.

Purpose of a Sacred Passage Guide:

The purpose of a Sacred Passage Guide is to restore the experience of death to it's sacred place in the sacred cycle of life; to create care, healing and love for staff, families, patients, health care providers, institutions and society; to increase the number of patients and families receiving the comforting, palliative care they want and need according to their desires and wishes; and to increase awareness and support for conscious deaths.

A Sacred Passage Guide will learn to deliver complimentary palliative therapies at bedside immediately on the spot with or without the need for referral to traditional palliative care team services or hospice enrollment. Increasing comforting healing care at bedside by frontline caregivers produces efficiencies in the current palliative care model. Though no physician referral or hospice enrollment is necessary, the SPG may support the efforts of existing palliative care teams and may increase hospice usage by initiating a palliative care consultation. 

Personal Focus for Sacred Passage Guide:

The focus of a Sacred Passage Guide is to give physical comfort, emotional and spiritual guidance; exemplify authentic presence; utilize authentic listening and authentic responding; read and respond to the energetic field of those they serve; offering appropriate comfort care healing modalities; provide tenderness, wide open acceptance and loving response during the time of vulnerable life transitions.

The focus of an SPG is to confidently, honestly, gracefully communicate with patients and families so that difficult end of life conversations are brought to light  and their concerns and desires are attended to. The focus then is informing patients of their options and offering comforting palliative care. A SPG understands and fulfills end of life dreams and wishes so that people receive the care they want and need most.

Sacred Passage Guidance Situation:

A Sacred Passage Guidance situation is one in which the ‘SPG’ uses Transformational Conscious Dying Principles and Practices to care for self, others and systems during end of life. Using Conscious Dying Practices allows a SPG to re-pattern and elevate human consciousness, restoring dignity and wholeness during end of life passages that reach back to ancestors and forward to future generations.