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Conscious Dying Institute responds to a deep collective call to give and receive life-affirming care before, nearing and after death. Our transformational on-site and on-line trainings renew the purpose and art of caregiving as a spiritual practice, awaken innate healing gifts and talents, and create beautiful rites of passage guided by wishes and choices of families and patients.

Sacred Passage: End of Life Doula Certificate


Elevate the experience of dying to a sacred, holistic, healing passage guided by families and patients. Respond with compassionate listening, curiosity and love. Receive 5 trainings in one: Personal Transformation | Biz Support Professional Career Track| 5 Domains Holistic Modalities| Best Three Months Coaching Practicum


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Conscious Dying
Educator Certificate

(EOL Doula Certificate required)

Restore Death to its sacred place! Create a new end-of-life paradigm of care and healing cultures. Create “Best Three Months Communities™”. Bring Conscious Dying Education programs into your local communities and holistic modalities into nursing colleges, faith-based groups, health systems, and senior communities.


Caritas Conscious Dying Coach & Educator Certificate

Become a Caritas Conscious Dying Coach & Educator! Join  Dr. Jean Watson, Ph.D: Founder and President of the Watson Caring Science Institute and Tarron Estes: Founder and Director of the Conscious Dying Institute in a 6 Month end-of-life-fulfillment and transformational journey that increases care and healing for self & others.


The result of Conscious Dying Education is a new caring, healing culture – a “Careforce” of End of Life Doulas and Conscious Dying Coaches who bring emotional & physical comfort and spiritually honor practices, life satisfaction, and fulfillment through a holistic care approach for all involved. A Careforce that restores death to its sacred place in the beauty, mystery and celebration of life while contributing to the Evolution of Human Consciousness.

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