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In the Garden Phase 1: Introduction to Sacred Passage Guidance and Healing with the Arts | Gainesville, FL

This one day event is Phase 1 of a 3 Phase Transformational Program in Conscious Dying Education and Care™ with Healing with the Arts™ leading to Sacred Passage Guidance Certificate™ Facilitated by Tarron Estes, Founder Conscious Dying Institute, Boulder Colorado and Dr. Mary Rockwood Lane, Phd, R.N., F.A.A.N., Associate Professor University of Florida.

In partnership with Wilmot Gardens College of Medicine  UF Center for Spirituality and Health. 

  • Benefiting Anyone Wanting Support or to Serve at End of Life
  • Nursing Leaders, Clinicians ,Front-line Staff,Counselors
  • Clergy, Social Workers, Senior Residents & Staff, Caregivers & Veterans, Hospice Workers, Faith-based Volunteers,Yoga Teachers & Students

Phase 1:  Introduction to Sacred Passage Guidance and Healing with the Arts

March 21st, 9:00-5:30 pm Wilmot Gardens Gainesville, Florida

Exploring Conscious Dying Principles, Healing Arts Practices, and Visionary Care Plans for End of Life includes

  • Healing with The Arts , by Dr. Mary Rockwood Lane
  • 7 CEU’s
  • · Lunch  
  • · $99.00
  • · 2 Work-study Scholarships available

This life changing program is the first of a three phase educational program that introduces families, clinical leaders and frontline caregivers to the Sacred Passage Guide Certificate. It prepares caregivers across all settings to be authentically present, communicate with vulnerability, honesty, and compassion and administer palliative-based comfort care healing modalities to anyone, regardless of health status by focusing on improving care at the end of life. We include transformational, evidence-based, caring healing practices guided by Caring Science Theory of Dr. Jean Watson and Conscious Dying Principles and Practices by Tarron Estes, Founder of Conscious Dying Institute and Dr. Mary Rockwood Lane, author of Healing with the Arts .This program creates a pathway for a new livelihood for caregivers and new paradigm for end of life care.. Through these activities, we come to understand the simple basic human needs and practices for holding, listening, openness, forgiveness and love. 

The beauty and peace of Wilmot Gardens will provide a healing environment in which participants join in active meditations, Healing With the Arts, and Practices for Death, and inspiring dialogue that restore the experience of dying to it's sacred place in the abundance, celebration and beauty of life. This

The practices offered increase empathy and facilitate healing in relationships that renew our connection to spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. By attending to our dreams, hopes and fears surrounding death we complete with our past, create conscious lives and deaths, and are able to work creatively with the fears hopes and dreams of others.

The Facilitators, Mary Rockwood Lane and Tarron Estes, Founder of the Conscious Dying Institute use rich multi-media modalities that evoke trust, love, forgiveness and surrender. Intimacy, openness, confidence and trust in ourselves and each other are renewed so that we can serve patients, families and loved ones as they transition within our own health care systems and communities.

 Outcomes and Benefits:

  • · Shifts Curative Care to Healing Care
  • · Transforms Physical Exhaustion to Vitality
  • · Molds Unexpressed Wishes to Beauty-filled
  • · Visions and “Best Life Care” plans 
  • Recasts Unspoken Feelings into life Satisfaction and Completion