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Conscious Dying Principles and Practices: Phase 1 (End Of Life Literacy) | Boulder, CO

Join Tarron Estes Founder of Conscious Dying Institute and Special Guests for
Conscious Dying Principles and Practices: A Study of Fundamental Concepts and Theory

In this 3 day program, we develop a deeper intellectual understanding of Conscious Dying Theory, Principles and Practices. Through multiple ways of knowing: dialogue, reflective, aesthetic, experiential, imaginal activities, participants explore their own relationship to Conscious Dying and create a personal, intimate understanding and meaning of the fundamentals of this work. Through dialogue with others and deep inquiry into our own beliefs and values, we make this work our own. This type of exploration allows for the independent investigation of truth, expanding our own views of life and death and our ability to hold the views, opinions, and beliefs of others.

We include a basic view of Caring Science Theory by Dr. Jean Watson. The underlying experiential teaching structure includes The 10 Conscious Dying Principles, The Practice for Death, Authentic Listening/Responding and Bold Inquiry, and The Dialogue Process. This type of study develops Conversational Confidence and effectively brings personal healing and transformation to caring professionals so that their personal healing experience informs their care for others.


  • 24 Continuing Education Credits
  • Mastery in one to one and group communication processes
  • Increased empathy, compassion, and self awareness
  • Increased conversational confidence about the dying process
  • Restoration, Nourishment, Re-newal
  • Ability to utilize Practices for Death
  • Ability to actualize the 10 Conscious Dying Principles

Conscious Dying Principles©

  1.  Increas e beauty, pleasure, contentment
  2.  Provide emotional and spiritual support
  3.  Initiate conversations about dying process
  4.  Practice Self Care to reduce burnout and emotional fatigue
  5.  Demystify the stages of the dying process
  6.  Acknowledge mysteries, miracles and unexplained events
  7.  Learn how to be with intense emotions
  8.  Honor other’s beliefs~Stay true to your own
  9.  Be a Steward of conscious deaths
  10.  Attend at bedside~No one dies alone

Who Benefits?

The program benefits all involved in the care of life, love, family and healing. It is the preparation we need to befriend death, surrender and trust deeply in each moment, and become supportive end of life companions, including:

  • Yoga students, teachers and teacher trainings (supportive coursework/in-service training)
  • Caregivers, therapists, and nurses, hospice volunteers (Continuing Education Credits)
  • Community Organizations, and Faith Based groups (in-service)
  • Senior Community and Long Term Care leaders and staff (Continuing Education)
  • Health Care Systems’ Clinicians who positively improve HCAAPS specifically nurse/patient communication, patient satisfaction, and quality of life

For more information contact Tarron Estes @ 303-619-7902 or