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Sacred Passage Guidance And Healing With The Arts Retreat | Gainesville, FL

  • Crescent Beach, FL USA (map)

Join Tarron Estes Founder of Conscious Dying Institute and Mary Rockwood Lane, co-founder and director emeritus of Shands Arts in Medicine program at University of Florida for "Sacred Passage Guidance" a transformative program for Frontline Clinicians, Caregivers, Healing Arts Professionals, Volunteers, and Families. The underlying experiential teaching structure effectively brings personal healing and transformation to caring professionals so that their personal healing experience informs their care for others.

This program is a residential five day certificate program in Sacred Passage Guidance and Healing with the ARTS in beautiful Crescent Moon Villa, Crescent Beach Florida. Participants will enjoy exceptional lodging in either shared or private rooms.  This truly special program encourages the deepest possible connection with the material and fellow participants through living together, being on the ocean, eating cooking meals together, dreamwork, art,  and special practices that incorporate the healing environment of nature and the ocean.  The Program includes:

  • Healing with The Arts  by Dr. Mary Rockwood Lane
  • CEU’s (TBD)
  • All meals
  • $845.00 - early bird tuition discount: $760.50 if paid by July 10 - plus meals and lodging (see lodging options and prices below)
  • WorkStudy Scholarships available: 2 full scholarships (100% off tuition), 2 half scholarships available (50% off tuition)
  • Scroll to bottom of page for pricing chart for rooms and program costs

More about the Program

The Sacred Passage Guidance Certification Phase 2 

In the 5 day program we explore healing modalities and care planning in 5 Domains of Life. We work within the structure of a Care Planning tool called: Vision Mapping for End of Life. Each day is structured and focused to build awareness of our current reality and vision for our Spiritual, Emotional, Psychological, Physical, and Practical/After Death care. The outcome of this structured process is a Care Plan with action step for fulfillment in the Last 3 months of life based on who we are today.

Each Participant will learn life-completion coaching and will have the opportunity to choose a partner with whom he or she will commit to completing the steps for last 3 months of life.

We learn healing interventions that allow us to move toward emotional completion; communication practices that grow our conversational skills and our confidence to ask difficult, honest, and challenging questions that bring us closer and closer to our authentic truth.

We will use Dream Translation as a way to enter into the understanding of the seamless inseparable thread of consciousness that we experience in the gap between dreaming, sleeping and dying.

We include transformational, evidence-based, caring healing practices guided by the Caring Science Theory of Dr. Jean Watson and Conscious Dying Principles and Practices by Tarron Estes.                       

The program benefits all involved in the care of life, love, family and healing. It is the preparation we need to befriend death, surrender and trust deeply in each moment, and become supportive end of life companions. We expand from expertise in clinical practices to offer comforting care people want and need most.

The program shifts:

  • Curative care to healing care
  • Physical exhaustion to vitality
  • Undiscussable challenging topics into confidently supported conversations
  • Unexpressed wishes to beauty-filled visions and Best Life Care plans
  • Unexpressed feelings into life satisfaction and completion

Participants will be able to:

  • Implement complimentary therapies in 5 domains of life: Spiritual, Emotional, Physical Place/Comfort, and Practical during and post death arrangements
  • Create Caring Healing environments for patients and staff
  • Create Caring Healing Relationships that nurture self and others
  • Create Caring Communication and Conversational Confidence with staff, residents, patients and families regarding care choices at end of life
  • Create Caring Moments and Caring Circles allowing the sharing of stories of grief, loss, miracles, mysteries and unexplainable events with family, staff and patients
  • Administer Life Completion practices including forgiveness, gratitude, legacy, grief work

Who Benefits?

  • Yoga students, teachers and teacher trainings (supportive coursework/in-service training)
  • Caregivers, therapists, and nurses, hospice volunteers
  • Community Organizations, and Faith Based groups (in-service)
  • Senior Community and Long Term Care leaders and staff (Continuing Education)
  • Health Care System Clinicians and Leaders

Lodging Options and Package Discount

For more information contact Tarron Estes @ 303-619-7902 or 

I look forward to being with you for this transformative, life changing event,

Tarron Estes