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End of Life Culture Change: Pioneer Network Conference | Kansas City, MO

Journey to The HeartLand: Pioneer Conference August 4-7th 2014

Journey to The HeartLand: Pioneer Conference August 4-7th 2014

End of Life Education and life experience for care of the dying is all but missing in our health care communities. Our Frontline caregivers who are faced with feelings of inadequacy, fear,isolation, grief and loss that goes unaddressed in their care of the dying. Today our culture continues to struggle in knowing how to be present with patients, and the families & caregivers who need support during the most vulnerable moments of life. It is our spiritual, moral  and ethical imperative to address the deeper spiritual desires and needs of those who are passing by lifting up the lives of those who care for them.

Though 92% of people facing end of life prefer intimate, palliative, holistic care, 75% of people dying in health care settings receive Heroic/Futile care meant to save life at all costs. Though Hospice and Palliative Care teams deliver spiritual, emotional, and comforting care, too many people die without this care. To increase the number of people receiving the healing care they need to be at peace, feel complete, and guided toward their spiritual destinies, it is imperative that our frontline caregivers gain confidence as Sacred Passage Guides who inquire and offer the comforting healing care our families and friends most want and need


This program offers a Sacred Approach to end of life care a that upholds individual beliefs and practices. Participants explore hopes, fears, dreams and wishes for end of life care and learn to understand and offer the comforting healing care that people need and want. The program's transformational activities increase caring healing presence; develop compassionate, vulnerable, and honest communication; attend to grief, forgiveness and intimate human needs of patients and families facing end of life. Participants share their meaning of a Sacred Passage how what they need to be Sacred Passage Guide to others.