7 Elements of Death's True Purpose

“For any culture or person who is primarily concerned with meaning, the study of death – the only certainty life holds for us – must be central,  for an understanding of death is the key to liberation in life”Stanislav Grof  

Conscious Dying Institute's Sacred Passage Guidance Certificates prepare us to befriend death, embrace life, increase love and healing for everyone. In our exploration of Death, we are reminded of our interconnectedness to all life, our true nature and therefore the implications of our presence and practice with those they serve. 

Read the 7 elements of Death's true Purpose below.

Here are a few questions that may support Growth and learning as we reflect on death's True Purpose:

  1. What aspects of "Death's True Purpose" come to mind for you?

  2. If death were your ally, a helpful friend that walks beside you, what gift would it bring to you?

  3. If death enables healthy and natural change to occur, What relationship would come into the spotlight for healing?

  4. In what ways does grief"cleanse the soul?"