Acknowledging Mysteries and Unexplainable Events

Most caregivers attending at end of life bear witness to mysterious and unexplainable events that happen around the dying process. Most of these events have a feeling of awe and mystery. They deserve our respect. They deserve to be shared and acknowledged.

Recently I heard this story from a caregiver: “I was with an elderly nursing home resident when she died. She hadn’t had her eyes open or spoke in about a week and all of a sudden she opened her eyes, smiled, and said in a very clear excited voice, ‘Oh, Winston. You’re here. You’re okay.  Yes, Yes, I’m coming Winston.’ The elderly woman turned to the caregiver and said,  “Tell my family that Winston and mom are okay.”  The caregiver said that she then closed her eyes and died.

The care giver followed her intuition and told the story to the elder’s family. In doing this the caregiver discovered that Winston was the elder’s younger brother who died in a fire in the arms of her mother over 30 years ago....

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