Train in One of the Top 10 Fastest Growing and Hottest Jobs of the Future

Become an End of Life Doula

Join one of the top 10 fastest growing jobs in the country while being part of a revolutionary movement to restore death to its sacred place within our homes and communities.

What if your next career gave you an endless flow of meaningful passionate work based in Human Caring and in undeniable facts of life?

What we know for certain: 100% of everyone ever born will die.  Each of us needs support in doing both with love, comfort, and dignity.

What if you could support your community or receive comforting healing care during death’s profound transitions in more natural, loving and less medical ways?

While our culture celebrates beginning of life and values Mid-wives and Birth Doulas, we are often unprepared for the gifts of life’s final days, lacking the support to receive death’s transformational portal and care guided by the spiritual, emotional, physical and practical care patients and families want and need.

In the News: End Of Life Caring Jobs of the Future

End of Life Care Planner and Senior Carer were named in the top 10 fastest growing and most meaningful jobs of the future in Fast Company Magazine’s April 2015 Newsletter:  the new rules of work. Here’s what Fast Company Magazine says about the End-Of-Life Planner:

“By the year 2100, the planet is predicted to have another 4 billion inhabitants, yet well before then, the average age of a person living here will also increase. By 2025, theWorld Health Organization predicts that 63% of the global population will live to over the age of 65–some well past their centenary. New ‘business’ opportunities will range from life memorial planners as funerals become more elaborate than weddings, and even life passage guides as more boomers opt to decide when life ends.” 

For the Senior Carer, Fast Company says, “The aging population will seriously start affecting world economies in the next decade, and a workforce built around caring for the aging population will be one of the hottest sectors of the economy, with demand for employees well outstripping the supply of workers trained in the field.”

“My mother is one of many women in their 50s and 60s, many divorced or widowed, who are being recruited across the EU and UK to spend a few months a year looking after the elderly in those countries. Life expectancy is increasing, and more than half of all the people who have ever turned 80 are still alive. In countries with socialized health care, the government provides personal care for these people, and is going to need more and more carers in the next few decades. By 2025, what is today mainly physical care will have extended to psychological care as well.” Read the article here: new rules of work ht-not-be-what-you-expect

Parade Magazine names End of Life Doula is named as a new job in rapid and growing demand as boomers age, naming earnings of the End of Life Doula at around 30,000.00 per year.  Read the article here:

What is an End of Life Doula?

End of Life Doulas act as guides for ill and aging people, offering focused spiritual and emotional care as patients and families approach what is often unchartered territory. Doulas help open up dialogues in homes, on hospital floors, and in the sometimes empty hall of Retirement Homes, bringing experience in healing practices that transform fear, regret, and trauma into love, care and acceptance.  An end-of-life doula is “a guide through the dying process,” offering everything from help in creating legacy projects to providing respite for families to teaching people about dying and grief.

Why become an End of Life Doula? And Why Now?

·     Demand for end of life care will surpass the number of workers.

By 2025, the World Health Organization predicts that 63% of the global population will live to over the age of 65.  Within the next 10 years, the demand for end of life care will surpass the number of workers.

·     Redefine End of Life Experience

The baby boomers are aging and fast!  Joe Tankersley, a futurist and strategic designer at Unique Visions, predicts “As boomers grow older, they will reshape the last phase of life as they have every other phase. We can expect to see a major push to redefine end of life care. New ‘business’ opportunities will range from life memorial planners as funerals become more elaborate than weddings, and even euthanasia guides as more boomers opt to decide when life ends.”  

·     Restore health and wellbeing to all involved in End of Life

Often we hear about physical and emotional burnout in medical clinical staff who work long hours caring for patients and families in healthcare systems.  Whether you are a clinical medical professional experiencing burn out or looking for a new or second career, here is what becoming an End of Life Doula can do for you:

1.     Restore self care, health and well being

2.     Renew sense of purpose and meaning in your existing role.

3.     Restore innate healing gifts and talents

4.     Increase presence and connection to self and others

5.     Return to the heart and calling of your current or new work

6.     Increase job security and job satisfaction!

End of Life Doula: New Paradigm of Care and Healing

Becoming and End of Life Doula is no ordinary job. It is a part of a new paradigm of care and healing for systems, communities, families, and individuals.

Now more than ever, we see the need to create and sustain viable personal and professional pathways that directly meets the growing need for end of life non medical care.

Many of us have felt the call to earn a livelihood while in service to others or to a greater good.  Participants in our End of Life Doula Certificate programs have been drawn to this path through practices of self-inquiry, life experiences, or a simple inner clarity that cannot be denied.  The time for heeding this call has never been better.  See what is possible by opening up to a life of more meaning, purpose and beauty for each one of us.  

In this recent article “What End-of-Life Care Needs Now: An Emerging Praxis of the Sacred and Subtle” by William Rosa, MS, RN, LMT, AHN-BC, AGPCNP-BC, CCRN-CMC and Tarron Estes, BA.  In Advances in Nursing Science focusing on Palliative Care, the describes this new paradigm in this way:

Tarron Estes says, “As the tsunami of aging population grows, and medical technical care alone misses the heart of caring, so does the cry to “Occupy Death”, to create care and healing at end of life and “Restore Death to its Sacred Place in the Beauty, Mystery, and Celebration of Life”. It is no longer enough to expect death with dignity; we must strive toward evolving human-centered care. It is not sufficient to ‘do no harm’; we must deliberately create healing environments guided by the spiritual autonomy of the dying one.

The wonderful news is this: As this demand and cry grows to restore sacred, comforting care to our loved ones during their final months, weeks, and days of life, there is an equivalent groundswell of desire to serve, and a growing numbers of end of life doulas rising to meet the needs of those nearing death. This is the premise and guiding force behind our work”.  Read the article here:

Those nearing end of life desire and deserve focused spiritual and emotional care as they approach what for most patients and families is unchartered territory.   By becoming an end of life Doula:

1.     You guide patients and families through this uncharted territory ensuring they receive focused love, quality time with family and completing the things that matter most to them in the short time they may have left. 

2.     You create end of life care planning, a healing practice that transforms fear, regret, trauma to love, healing, care and acceptance.

3.     You increase the number of Caregivers prepared to offer holistic, healing care people want and need during end of life transitions. 

4.     You serve growing numbers of our aging population and those needing more care and comfort as they near end of life. 

5.     You participate in a movement that supports the evolution of human consciousness and creates a new culture of care and healing for end of life.

Conscious Dying Institute: The leader in End of Life Doula Education and Care

It is clear we must collectively create a new paradigm for end of life care. We have an opportunity to redesign how we regard, prepare for, and celebrate the gifts of dying. Join this immensely satisfying revolution of caregivers--offering principle-based holistic, healing care to patients and family structures.

These principles form the foundation of CDI’s care for those nearing end of life and their families:

●      Increase beauty, pleasure, contentment

●      Provide emotional and spiritual support

●      Initiate conversations about the dying process

●      Demystify the stages of the dying process

●      Model how to be with intense emotions, in self and others

●      Attend at bedside so that no one dies alone

About The Conscious Dying Institute The Conscious Dying Institute (CDI) founded in 2013 in Boulder, CO, is dedicated to restoring death to its sacred place in the beauty, mystery and celebration of life. CDI having laid the foundation for this new educational paradigm transformational end of life education, is a major contributor of the new culture of care and healing at end of life… offers doula trainings and certificate programs to address the much needed spiritual, emotional, physical, and after death care of patients and families in all home and health care settings. CDI care complements the services provided by hospice and traditional medical facilities.

OUR GraduatesGraduates of EOL Doula are practicing in hospices, hospitals, assisted living, veterans administrations, in their own communities and families. Some have developed new online course materials in Conscious Dying Education Theory for nursing students.  Some offer short programs in church and spiritual community settings.  If you have ever felt this calling, please consider joining us in this exploration. 

Our next available certificate program begins on September 8, in Boulder, Colorado.  The Super Early Bird Special, which discounts the Sacred Passage Certification by $235.00, runs through June 21.   See our website for additional trainings and to register: