How to Honor Loved Ones: Post a Story

Honoring the memory of loved ones by writing a beautiful story strengthens our connection with them and supports our own deep desire to be remembered.  Think of a beautiful moment that you shared with someone who has passed and write it down as a gift to them and to others. Keep the link to our ancestors alive and our acknowledgement of the gifts they gave to us.

An End of Life Transmission: Mary Eva Estes, 1900-1986

     In the weeks before my Grandmother died, she lay in bed mostly paralyzed from a stroke. Less than a month before, she still raked the leaves and fed the chickens. This last time I saw her,she was dozing between worlds, holding a steady grace in bed, at ease with the restful peace of this time.

        I reached out for her hand and she opened her eyes wide as pumpkins. She held my one hand in both of hers, and with clear speak, undefiled by the stroke, she began to say my name out loud three times, as if she pushed my name right through me.  She said, “Tarron Janiece Estes….Tarron Janiece Estes…Tarron Janiece Estes”. 

The warm pocket of her hand was still holding mine and like the memory of a common language I said, “Mary Eva Estes…Mary Eva Estes…Mary Eva Estes”. In that short still moment, I felt the meaning and wisdom of her whole life shoot like a star to my heart giving me back everything we ever shared, learned, and loved together.

     I knew in that moment our purpose together as souls, larger than grandmother and granddaughter. I knew that she gave me what is possible in dying and my purpose in serving other at end of life.