The Miracles Around Us by Heather MacLeod


After being blessed with the opportunity to be a part of Phase 1 of the Sacred Passage Doula Certificate training program in Vancouver, I watched several videos of Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. I came across an interview that Oprah Winfrey had done with Dr. Elisabeth that had been recorded just before Dr. Elisabeth passed on. Oprah and Dr. E spoke of 'guardian angels' and Oprah asked Dr. Kubler-Ross if she believed everyone had a guardian angel. 

"Of course!" she replied. Oprah asked how do we know who our guardian angel is and Dr. Kubler-Ross replied that it was easy. She said to ask your guardian angel to come to you in your sleep, keep your heart and your mind open and in the morning you would know. She made it sound SO easy! I wondered if I could find my Guardian Angel. Since both my parents are still living at age 86, I thought about my ancestors, the grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends who've passed when I went to bed that night. I thought about the spirits and saints the bible talks about and wondered if it could be one of them. That night, I asked God to keep my heart and mind open. Then I asked my guardian angel, whoever that was, to make themselves know to me in my sleep. Over and over I thought about calmness, warmth, sounds of nature and water, all things soothing to help me be as open as possible to receive whatever might come. 

Sarah's Angels

Sarah's Angels

When I woke the next morning, I knew INSTANTLY who it was. Dr. Elisabeth was right! The baby I carried but was taken from me, who I knew all along as a girl, and I had given her the name of "Sarah-Lynn" was VERY clear and present in my dream. No other person, spirit, entity, was present in my dream, only her. She’s always been close by, but I’d never realized she was my constant companion. My husband, when we had first began dating and without knowing anything of “Sarah-Lynn”, was drawn to a beautiful little angel figurine. He had no idea why, but knew he had to purchase this for me. The name on the bottom was “Sarah’s Angels”. The feeling of pure love and joy was overwhelming as these experiences came together for me. 

I shared the story the next day with my sister, telling her that I asked God to keep my heart and mind wide open. We talked about all the people in our lives who passed away, shared memories of our grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends, now wondering who her Guardian Angel could be. Before we parted company, she said to me that she was going to give it a try. 

Next morning as I entered the church, I saw my sister sitting with our parents. I was excited to hear if anything had come to her. Slipping into the pew next to her, I said 'Well?' She looked at me with this huge grin, tears in her eyes and said "You're not going to believe…wait…yes, you will!" My sister proceeded to tell me about her dream, how she had talked with two friends about guardian angels but knew they weren't 'the one'. Later in the dream she had spoken to someone who had asked who she was named after. She said that she was named after 'Barbara Ann Scott', a close friend of our parents, when she heard a voice behind her say, "Yes, I am the one." She said she instantly woke up, filled with joy and excitement and just knew! 

We laughed, hugged, shed a tear together and said a little prayer. After my sister and I released our embrace, I looked over at my mother who I realized was listening intently to our quiet conversation. She, too, had a tear in her eye and a smile on her face. My father, whose memory is slowly slipping away, sat next to Mom, holding her hand. I wondered if they had ever taken the opportunity to seek out their Guardian Angels. 

If there was ever a ‘right’ time to discover their Guardian Angels, now would be a wonderful time for them as they begin the descent into the sunset of their lives. I hope and pray they both find the contentment in their hearts and the constant companionship of their Guardian Angel. 

Miracles are ALL around us, each and every day if we keep our hearts, minds and spirit open to them. 

Heather McLeod is a Conscious Dying Institute Student from our program in Vancouver, BC