From Dr. Jackie Yaeger's "Follow Your Heart's Desire: Death Doula Training Recommendations!"

Follow Your Hearts Desire: Death Doula Training Recommendations!

August 19, 2018


Just Say Yes!

Here in the Coulee Region and around the world, there is a revolution happening, a kind of awakening with regard to how we approach death. In the US, baby boomers are aging or are caring for aging parents. As they have done throughout their lives, the boomers are demanding cultural change. They want a better way to support those people moving through the dying process. The Death Doula movement is responding and growing quickly as a result. Many people, who want to embrace this type of work have asked me which training program is best. I think it is time I take a stand, make my opinion known and explain my reasoning.

Death Doula Training Recommendations

I am recommending the Conscious Dying Institute’s intensive, 2-part, 8-day training. The next training starts very soon and is happening only a couple of hours away in Mankato, MN.

Tarron Estes , Founder Conscious Dying Institute

Tarron Estes, Founder Conscious Dying Institute

Conscious Dying Institute

Tarron Estes, founder of the Conscious Dying Institute offers far more than just information about the dying process in her trainings. Tarron, supported by expert and internationally known innovators such as Dr. Jean Watson ( immerses students in an experiential, transformative learning and healing process. During Phase 1, a 3-day session, Tarron helps participants access their own true, radiant and compassionate selves. She takes students on a deep exploration of what dying means to them and how their own woundedness can inform their work with the dying. 

Graduates of the Conscious Dying Institute are referred to as “Sacred Passage Guides”. In addition to understanding the practical aspects of supporting people through the dying process, Sacred Passage Guides are deeply grounded and prepared for this work on a spiritual and emotional level. This is the reason I chose the Conscious Dying Institute and the reason I am recommending it to you. 


As a physician who has opted out of “the system”,I know I am going to need some help from a community of doulas soon.  Spiritually, I am energized by sitting vigil at the bedside of someone who is dying for hours at a time. However, my physical body needs rest sometimes. To continue to do this intense work, I need several of you to step up and join me. And, I need you to be not only well-trained but also well prepared emotionally and spiritually fortified for this work. I have experienced how the Conscious Dying Institute can prepare you on all levels.

I have been in discussion with the Conscious Dying Institute about the upcoming training in Mankato, MN. The organizers understand that we are breaking new ground here and are sympathetic to my need for more doulas in the La Crosse area. They are generously offering a significant discount to those of you from our area who wish to attend. I will be attending and teaching during Phase 2 of the program in November and am excited to get to know you better and to start our collaboration during that time. Together, we can create something extraordinary for our community and serve as a vital new model of compassionate end of life care for the country.

Death Doula Training in Mankato, Minnesota

The Mankato training starts very soon!  I know it will take some great effort on your part to make it happen but this is such a fantastic opportunity and so close to home for us that I hope you will seriously consider it. If you feel that it may be your heart’s desire to serve people at this most vulnerable and precious time in their life journey, please contact me at 608-498-0932 or at ASAP. I can share more details and help you get registered at the discounted price. 

Thank you for being part of this incredible movement.

Jackie Yaeger, MD


Join Francesca in the upcoming Boulder End of Life Doula Training Beginning August 24th!

Join Francesca in the upcoming Boulder End of Life Doula Training Beginning August 24th!